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  1. Greetings,

    I am making an MiniGame, and for this i need one simple plugin!

    I will explain an example so you understand better what i need:

    Lets say, you need to jump from trees to trees, and if you fall down you need to start over from the first tree!

    What i need, is to be able to choose an area, and sett that area too teleport to an specific place when entering!

    So, lets say i fall down on the last tree, well, i touch the ground, and since i do that, it teleports me to the start tree!

    Got it?

    Let me know if this is possible to make, i cant see why this should be so hard!
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    Do you intend to add "super jumps" to it? Can be done through signs:
    - sign with line [start]
    - sign with line [finish]
    - sign with line [tostart]
    Optional: sign with line [lap]
    This can be extended in multiple ways, also possible to make it into a timelapse. I'll look into it once possible, but have to be careful with the amount of requests I take onto me. :)
  3. Oh, you dont need to rush! I have time:)

    I dont understand what you mean about the "super jumps", explain to me?

    However, what i need is when i player fail jumps and other games, they get back to the start of the lvl!

    At this time, i use lava, but then they die, and need to do all over again!

    What i need is to be able to choose an area (like the grass down at the ground) and when peoples touch that, they get to a place that i choose!

    So when they, expamle, jump from tree to tree and fall down they get back to the start of that lvl!
    But, i need it to be able to make different places, so i can make the same at lvl 2 and so on!

    However, the tree example is pretty bad tho :p

    Its like a teleport function, that the choosen area teleports to a place!

    Example on commands:

    /stick (or whaterver to choose and area)
    *righ click* first corner
    *left click* second corner
    /set teleport from (set the area i just choosed to be the area that will teleport from)
    then i stand on the block(or point on it) where i whant the selected area to teleport too, and type:
    /set teleport too

    Just an example:)

    i really need some1 to do this! plz, can some1 conffirm they will work on it? i quese this is an easey mod??

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    How about if they fall below given location they teleport to another given location? Its a simple solution if your playing on level ground.
  5. Yeah, its just what i whant it to do! Your goal is to get to the other side, but dont fall down, and when you do, you get tp back to start! The MiniGame is going to be build high over the ground, so its plenty of room to make the given location for the teleport! But one very important thing, it needs to be able to make different teleports! This cant be just 1 time only!
  6. Okey, i really need some1 to do this! If i need to pay monney for it, so be it!

    This cant be so hard, can it? If some1 dont understand whant i really whant, tell me and lett me explain again!

    I NEED this mod, and i know this cant be that hard to make!!

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