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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Callumt1397, Feb 18, 2015.

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    I have already started making it but I think I am about recode it which is why I am asking if anyone wants to join me in making this plugin. I am a intermediate level plugin developer with a lot yet to learn, this plugin will be the start of a minecraft/gaming network that I would like to create with some others.

    I have started with some of these features but my lack of skills have made them inefficient, long and horrible to read (from another developers perspective), I feel if enough people were to join in this would become a really good server with a good team of staff behind it.

    Idea for the server
    Once you have joined the server you will be prompted to start or join a town. Each town will be able to expand and grow by purchasing a range of buildings and keeping them upgraded with the research and advances in technology.

    Become an economic super giant by efficiently building your region with the help from other players. To start the building process of your bought structure, mine and trade to gather the required items to feed the building to start its growth.

    Planned Features
    Key: "Completed" "Started" "Not-Started" "Undecided Feature" "Removed Feature"

    - Schematic creating, loading, pasting and saving
    - Building placement detecting if it is in a safe location
    - Self generating building through blocks the player feeds it.
    - Building progress checker
    - Custom Npc's for buying, selling and trading.
    - Government/Politics and monarch system.

    Possible Future Features
    - Town, City, Country Planner to help players understand where buildings would be best placed.
    - Natural disasters e.g. Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tornadoes.
    - Vehicles e.g. Cars

    These are just some features, if you are unable to help just post an idea of what you think could be added.

    My projects start: https://github.com/Callum2904/Civilization_Test

    Known issues
    - The schematic is not always fully pasted, unsure why.
    - The schematic does not paste relative to a player and therefore I had to add a system to do this which means I have to change the position of each schematic block.

    Want to help?
    - Currently in need of someone who is good at working with schematics to recode or work around the existing inefficient code that I have.
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    @Callumt1397 What do you mean by "Civilizations Server?" What kind of plugins are looking for? What have you made that needs recoding? (I hope you don't mind me asking, I'm just curious)
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    I am just updating the official post now and the recoding is mainly due to me being bad at laying things out correctly the first time and it is a bit messy and keeps glitching when in game.

    So far I have only created a system for loading and pasting schematics although I am still struggling with that to make the schematic save relative to a player and load relative to a player. As for rotating, I have a way but its a bit messy. I will create a github in a minute and show you what I mean... I came to bukkit for help because my lack of skills will mean this idea will go to waste.
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    @Callumt1397 Have you made any custom plugins already for this server? If so, what kind of plugins are they?

    edit: he updated his post :p

    Also, thanks for updating the OP. It's much more informative, now.
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    You might wanna keep an eye at a plugin i'm developing, because i'm kinda sharing your perspective:


    But note that at the moment I completely discourage to use the current code. Not because it's bad code, but because I've rewritten mayor parts of it and I'm planning to release the next API soon (I try to get it finished by May 10 (+- 3 weeks from now)).

    I also moved to another database (Neo4j) which allows me to conveniently store and retrieve tree structured data. This came with the price that I need to distribute my code under the GPLv3 License. However the performance I get and the possibilities it offers are totally worth it.

    Selecting schematics
    Placing schematics (a placed schematics = a structure
    Building structures (Uses WorldEdit & AsyncWorldEdit)
    Stop current construction (demolish/build)
    Demolishing structures (Uses WorldEdit & AsyncWorldEdit)
    Structures will not overlap eachother
    WorldGuard regions for structures (WorldGuard protected and WorldGuard-Flags for structures)
    Holographic Signs (By HolographicDisplays)

    Planned Features:
    Building structures manually by supplying blocks (Currently in progress)
    Substructures (Currently in progress)

    There is no town support at the moment, but I'm planning to deliver the plugins in the following structure:
    • SettlerCraft-Core (contains Neo4J and other mayor dependencies) <== will be hosted on github
    • SettlerCraft-MenuAPI (create menus with very little java-code) <== will be hosted on github
    • SettlerCraft-StructureAPI (placing structures and other world-editing tools)
    • SettlerCraft-TownAPI (Town-like behavior)
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