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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Cajuju, May 18, 2014.

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    I am using bukkit 1.7.9 development build to make the server. I did port forwarding, and I checked on canyouseeme.org to see if I can be seen. And it says that I can be seen. When my friend added my server to the list it says "Can't connect to server". When my friend tries to direct connect, this error comes up: "Failed to connect to server java.net.ConnectException; Connection timed out; no further information". My friend and I both have the same version of minecraft running, and our java versions are the same. I tried turning off my firewall and still no luck. I made a static ip address and still no luck. I don't know what could be wrong. Does my friend have to do something on their side to be able to join my server. I can login with localhost. I added my server to the list and I can see it. My friend also tried turning off their firewall along with mine to join and still no luck. We both can join other servers, but we want to play in a private regular survival match. My friend and I was able to play together before with the regular minecraft server you can download on the minecraft site. When my friend and I were able to play, my friend was at home and made the server themselves with the minecraft server because I was at a hotel so I couldn't make the server. When I got home, we couldn't access my friend's server anymore, and so I decided to make the server. My friend has the done all that I tried as well, and we are both having the same problem and same error.
    We tried using hamachi and we were able to make and join eachother's server, but it is extremely laggy for the one who is not hosting. The blue dot is not green next to my friend's name. It says "relayed tunnel".

    My friend can't join onto my bukkit server, but my friend can join in with hamachi. The down side with hamachi is that it is extremely laggy which makes it unplayable for one of us.

    Any ideas?
    Help would be much appreciated.
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    Did you portforward your local ip with the port your server is running on?
    Also, make sure in server.properties your ip is set to:
    server-ip: <your local IP here>
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    falcon2_0 I entered the ip address from what is my ip address and it tells me in the bukkit this.
    The exception was :java.net.BindExceptin: Cannot assign requested address :bind
    Perhaps a server is already running on that port
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    Cajuju, that isn't the right IP. You have to use your local IP. It is the ip that shows up under IPv4 Address if you type ipconfig into your command prompt.
    Also, if you are on a mac go into System Prefrences>Network and it will tell you your local ip

    Edit: Also, make your friend type in your IP you got from find my ip
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    falcon2_0 Alright so I entered the ip number that is the IPv4 Address and my friend gets the error
    "Failed to connect to the server
    java.net.ConnectExeption: Connection timed out: no further information"

    My friend typed in the address from what is my ip address and this error comes up
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    Cajuju, when you port forwarded, did you port your local ip and the 25565 port?
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    falcon2_0 yes, i port my local ip and the 25565 port
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    What is the IP, I might be able to get more info if I could join.

    Cajuju the server works fine for me. Are you sure your friend can't log in?

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    falcon2_0 yeah my friend gets the same error. I know now that there is something wrong on my friend's side.

    the error i mean is the
    Failed to connect to server java.net.ConnectException; Connection timed out; no further information

    It also says "can't connect to server" in the server list
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