Minecraft 1.9 almost out.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Matt Gill, Sep 21, 2011.

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    Matt Gill

    So it says on the MCWiki that 1.9 will "possibly" be out tommarrow. Bukkit doesn't even have a RB for 1.8 out though. Does this mean it will take another week or two to get everything sorted out?
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    Can you link to where it says that? :p
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    Matt Gill

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    They better be releasing 1.8.1 or something.
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    Oh cool.
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    Matt Gill

    The tweet before the one I posted by Jeb_ was about two new nether mobs. That's what he is talking about with no screenshots. Plus they have released screenshots of mooshrooms, snow golems, nether brick/fence/ruins.

    I don't think they would add new nether mobs just to a bug fix like 1.8.2.
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    "The first part of the update (1.8) was released on September 14th, 2011. The second part of the update (1.9) is planned to be released on September 22nd, 2011. A quote on 1.9 from Notch's Twitter: " We're hoping (HOPING!) to release something tomorrow" [9/22/11]"

    "Fixed a few annoying lighting bugs, like fences under walls and such. We're hoping (HOPING!) to release something tomorrow."
    "If we don't feel comfortable doing a proper release, we'll do another "leak"."

    His twitter doesn't really mention 1.9, so more likely it's just 1.8 bugfix, 1.8.2 or whatever it will be.

    Didn't see this. You are correct in the observation that they would not add that much content for a bug fix release, but 1.9 is supposed to be more than this. So I think it's just an update, new content, bug fixes, etc. But I'm not confident it will be released as 1.9 yet.

    Lol. I was slow! Many posted the references while I was creating my post :S..
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    NPC's are supposed to be out in 1.9 and he made no such notion so I assume it is 1.8.2. Could be wrong.
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    weird. This confirms my thought that 1.9 was going to be released soon as they need time to work on the minecon release (1.10?) to actually make it something worth something...and if they want to get it done by a deadline, which they seem incapable of doing...
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    I believe it's going to be 1.8.2
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    Derp... 1.9 + .1 \=\ 1.10

    = Beta 2
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    Matt Gill

    No its = Minecraft 1.0.
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    Derp again... 1.9 + .1 = 2

    Not 1

    or 1.1

    I am the math tutor on this board
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    Matt Gill

    You're such a horrible troll....
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    I totally agree with you...take this up with Notch.
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    Matt Gill

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    goodie gumdrops.
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    Matt Gill

    Hopefully the bukkit team is already pumped with coding adrenaline from just pushing out a 1.8.1 RB that they can make a 1.9 one fast.
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    Thankfully, they aren't too caught up in the fast now crowd and focus more on "when it's done right."
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    Matt Gill

    I like a balance in between. :3
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  25. Tweeting to the link directly - from the dev of the company, NOT a leak.
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    If you have a problem with the terminology, take it up with the owner.

    notch Markus Persson
    If we don't feel comfortable doing a proper release, we'll do another "leak".
    21 Sep
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