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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Insecure, May 26, 2011.

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    like the webiste said minecraft 1.6 is out now and now i wanted to know.. when would bukkit 1.6 come out D: really like bukkit keep up all the good work^^ even with my lil server... it works great<33
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    A Faceless baby

    Just give it time. Can't rush perfection.
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    Current Build works for me with 1.6.4
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    811+ works but no recommended one so far
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    hmm when i start up my server and want to join it says server outdated so i would really like the 1.6 since i dont have a back up from my 1.5 minecraft</3 and all the other dudes from my server have the same problem
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    you must download the build 812...but it is no recommended build
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    ill just w8 for bukkit 1.6 ^^ xD
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    I tested the latest build.. ( 812, not recommended ) and it works for me.. most of my plugins function but I don't suggest it to anyone... you don't know what to expect using a not-recommended version of Bukkit, and it's also hard to tell how plugins will behave..

    Back up your stuff
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    How do I get the latest build? (Not the recommended).
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    Click craftbukkit>then there will be a list of builds.
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    use 812
    not RB tho
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    Backed up to try out 812 - only big problem I have is when I go out of the initial boundaries of my map, the server kicks me out with an "internal server error" and it's giving me something that says "arrayindexoutofbounds" in my server log. Other than that, only minor glitches with plugins.

    Edit: This is weird. The map only crashes when I try to update a certain section. I teleported to another area and started mapping with no problems.

    Edit2: Tried vanilla minecraft and was ALSO getting the problem. Apparently this isn't a Bukkit issue.

    Edit3: Solved it! - an industrious user on my server had dug a hole straight down into the ground and, somehow, found a hole to the void. The map crashed every time it tried to map the block of void. I filled the hole in and voila! No more crashes.
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    Wow I'm honestly surprised there is already a working snapshot. There is a pretty significant changelog for 1.6 so you'd think a bunch of stuff would be broken. In typical fashion there is already 4 patches for the release so we'll have to see how many more there will be by tomorrow. ;)

    As a side note it's really nice that we can finally decline updates so there is no rush to get a recommended build only to have another update come out and break everything again.

    Keep up the good work guys. :)
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    Don Redhorse

    THAT!!!! :rolleyes:
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    We should make a list of dead plugins ik multiverse for one and does anyone know what is make the listener always listening error when spawning an item
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