Minecraft 1.5 out of date

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by basjuhh, Apr 19, 2011.

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    and it still won't be till a new craft bukkit is released this just solves the problem of manually updating waiting patiently is on you.
  2. Hmm, I read the front page but as admin of a server where people ALWAYS want the latest version (they don't want 1.4... they don't want vanilla.. they all want 1.5..

    I keep telling them its not out yet, but they keep asking me, mailing me, heck one of them even looked up my phone on facebook and called me from across the world....

    In short, I need 1.5 or I'll probably get lynched soon..
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    What really.? Sick Dude!.
    i can live with 1.4 on my server. but my players cant hence they updated there client and is spamming me with "mc updated?"
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    City Builder

    Tell you users to get a life and stop stalking you. If true that's just plain out and out creepy.

    It's bad enough when I get several PM's from regular users wanting to know how long it's going to take to get the server updated but the first time one of them calls me at home is the day that I shut down the server. Yuck, creepy.
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    pestering from players is fixed easy... any player that asks me twice when the server is gonna be updated will have an extra week of not being able to log on once the server is updated... cruel but effective
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    Slavery and Master Much :p

    Just tell them, like a wise woman once said (My Mum) it'll be ready when its ready
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    well we have 2 admins on our server and the running joke is one of us is the devil the other is god......
    the other admin is god

    love the avatar by the way perfect for hunting zombies and skeletons
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    Do what I do, "The server is running (insert minecraft verstion) until the Bukkit Devs finish a stable release of Bukkit."

    My userbase has essentially been trained to know that when an update comes out, it's time for either destruction on a vanilla server, or just the same game until the Bukkit update comes out. If they want to play somewhere else, they can (and some do), but I haven't found a single player who truly objects to this because: the server is still running, their creations are safe, and they know the rest of the server userbase will come down on them if they complain.

    It took several people getting banned from the forums (and me shutting off my cell phone for a few days) for me to get my point across, but now they know, and in turn any new users are educated by the current users.

    ^^What he said ^^

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    its annoying though, i mean i personly donate about 4 or 5 hours of my time every week updating the server (i dont agree with auto updaters i think there for lazy admins, each of the 30+ plugins i read the last page of each one add to them test etc) add to that logging in and rollback from griefers etc. configuring and responding to the forum etc. But every update players seem to demand the server be ready and updated .... i really think some of them have no idea the amount of work that goes into server administration!
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    I really agree with you there. I handle all true back-end server administration myself, and I have a team of admins and mods that deal with user complaints, squabbles, and impatience before it ever gets to me. But sometimes people get ancy and jump the whole chain of command and want me to fix their problems right away. It was hard for them to adjust to it at first, but now it's all golden. Any time someone tries to hit me with a "why the hell isn't the server updated!?" they usually get jumped on by the admins, mods, and oftentimes other users in the community. I will admit, the system definitely isn't perfect, but hey, you work hard and at the end of the day should be able to justify your actions, and feel accomplished in what you have built and maintained. It pisses me off when people try to make me feel like a jerk just because their MC isn't updated. We all have lives!
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    When is the new bukkit here then?
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    Front page
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    I didn't have to update a single plugin and am running 1.5 perfectly
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    City Builder

    Does anybody have users that are complaining about 707 being extremely laggy? I've had a couple users now that don't normally complain about lag, saying that the server is laggy for them since updating to 707

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