Minecraft 1.5 out of date

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by basjuhh, Apr 19, 2011.

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    Sadly yeah; find the original topic, you'll find that the bukkit staff had to ban him and close that topic at the end, along with erasing the links.

    And I quote Dinnerbone:

    This is why unofficial builds of CB are as bad as warez copies of some software. Not all will be malware infested, but there -will- be some that are.

    As for 1.5, I'm hangin' tight. I'm a few versions behind on plugins anyways so I will have some updatin' to do :)
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    Nathan C

    Yep, I just found that out.
    It is amazing how some people can do things like this. I also have learned my lesson with that and am afraid I will have to reinstall my whole server. :'(
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    im guessing today for bukkit, maybe the weekend for plugins (unless the updated bukkit dont break the plugins) took about a week for all the plugins we use on our server to be updated (not complaining as plugin devs have jobs, university, life etc lol)
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    There's a chance it won't be today for Bukkit.
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    Perfectly fine with me actually; I'm not even on build 670 tbh. Plus, Portal 2 hit. I don't have that, but I -did- just get Civ V, so me killing some rampaging barbarians and then curb-stomping the world with nukes sounds like a good plan too :)

    If my few players get -really- cranky over it I'll boot up vanilla for them to screw up. Dun think there'll be a major problem there though - they're all pretty patient.
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    not a problem, as i say got to wait untill the plugins to be updated too :)
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    Does anyone know of any progress updates? :)
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    I agree, performance was epically increased... Didn't even check without JDownloader running...
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    If you need a server to play on come to eyeofwisdom.dyndns.org

    Its up vanilla for you guys.
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    For what ive read all says yes to this.
    first i understand we have to do this since bukkit still is snapshot releases.
    but doesn't this kinda make bukkit unnecessary.
    well for what i understand, isnt a Server-Plugin-Manager meant to be the only thing to be updated.
    you know the plugins uses Hooks specified by Bukkit and therefore it only bukkit that need updates.

    Or should we just drive into this anoying "New Mc update broke all plugins" thread all time?
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    I dont care for an update
    im fine with 1.4 and so are all my users 1.5
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    That's actually a fallacy. The only thing changed in the unofficial build was the version check change in the code. Dinnerbone and Seph had a look at it. It was the custom client he was running/flaunting that was using exploits that they quickly updated in the RB's that followed the unofficial version. He rampaged across the top 100 servers and tried to crash the majority of them using his client..not the build.

    But using an unofficial build comes with risk at any rate. Just wanted to state the facts.
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    *stairs at jenkins site*........herrrpderrppppdhurrrhehehee....( thats me obsessing over the update. i would be playing SSP except my fireworks mod that was so fun is broken for SSP >.< )
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    The end of stream error is caused by servers running 1.4
    My server for some reason is still running 1.4 even after I re-downloaded craftbukkit, minecraftserver.jar and minecraft_server.exe

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    Craftbukkit isn't ready for 1.5 yet. Check the main page every few hours and you should see a post when it is.
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    I apologize if this is a dumb question, but do the plugin developers have the info that they need to start updating now ahead of the craftbukkit release (potentially tomorrow) so that they can release updates at the same time?

    Thanks for all the hard work!
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    Lucker. My laptop is still crawling at 9-12fps. But for it's much smoother than before and it's perfectly playable apart from occasional half second freezes. Anyway, glad to see that they started working on the performance. I think there is still a lot left to improve, but it's great start. Was server also optimized?

    People, you probably won't need to update your plugins, so don't worry so much. You will just need to update CB build.
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    Sorry but I don't get what you are saying? (Not that good at english)
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    what im triend to say is
    Bukkit is the Server-plugin-Manager.
    it manage all plugins making them work because plugins use hooks (like whenver someone swing the arm Bukkit knows) so plugins can activate.
    but before Bukkit know whenever someone swing the arm it must know what command that runs through Minecraft when some does it.
    so every update new command come and some change.
    so if Bukkit keep the same Hooks whenever a Mc update then no plugins needs to update for hooks.
    (though sometimes bukkit need to make new hooks to clear the code and then plugin need to be udpated too)
    Hope it cleared something out and not just made it more confusing
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    Are you saying that you don't need to update every plugin, are you say that you think you shouldnt have to update every plug in or am I'm just being retardet?
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    i say i think you shouldnt have too.
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    Just got official date on 1.5 release guys
    April 27th 5pm EST
    oh noes! TEH BUKKET BROKES!
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    His view is that the bukkit API shouldn't change, so the plugins shouldn't need to be updated. Whether or not that's true remains to be seen. In theory they wouldn't introduce any API changes in the next build for 1.5, but it's possible that whatever they do will require modifying the API (it will certainly require adding to it, to account for the new items and weather).

    Basically, we won't know until it's released what's going to change.
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    were all sat here patiently waiting, with a few exceptions granted. but that is far from funny
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    who cares when it updates
    1.5 is filled with bugs
    stop whining and play 1.4
    come back in a week jeez
    I hope to god we dont update for a good 1-2 weeks.
    Teach people to stop complaining.
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    you must of misread, as i wasnt whinning or moaning
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    im just generally directing it at all those complaining.
    1.4 <3
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    I agree :p
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    I really need help. How do I upgrade bukkit? Is there a bukkit for 1.5? I'm about to give up bukkit and run my server some where else cuz I don't want to update every single plugin every time minecraft updates.
    Cuz every time minecraft updates 1000 servers go down.

    I downloaded it and replaced all the files the plugin got for me but the server is still not up to date.

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