Minecraft 1.5 out of date

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by basjuhh, Apr 19, 2011.

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    Yes you have. =/
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    no you
    WAIT WE DO???

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  3. euhm.. yes ....
  4. Well, At least the performance fixes works like a charm!
    My crappy laptop which i use to play was running at 1-9 fps before, Now I'm playing with about ~40 FPS :D
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    @BukkitTeam Portal2 now plx, Bukkit update later. kthxbai! ^.^
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    @BukkitTeam - Energy drinks and coffee is on me today. Keep up the good work!
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    I'm searching an inofficial Craftbukkit version which works with #677 plugins and people with 1.5 can join...

    No Problem when the server's running 1.4!

    It's like it existed by updating from 1.3 up to 1.4!

    This was awesome... no waiting times that WG and WE will be uptadet!

    Please apologize my bad English!
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    Yes. Yes you do. Really isn't hard though.
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    The last guy who released an unofficial CB build also infected said CB build with a back door that allowed them to take down every server running it, and quite possibly do more damage to the system it was installed in.

    So, do you -really- want to risk it? Cause if you do I'm sure someone can probably whip up a quick unofficial one, just don't be surprised when they login (bypassing the whitelist, of course), and start erasing -everything-.
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    I only got 13 plugins but still....
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    Just make sure you download the JAR and not the ZIP if you wish to just update.
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    Does anyone happen to have a link to the Minecraft 1.4 server jar? It magically disappeared from my backup drive

    Found it, if anybody wants it, let me know.
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    whats the rush?? we just wait like every fucking time mc gets updated....

    for me its a relief, i´ve already told my players to wait for the update in a couple of days only.. i do not trust fresh builds in 5/6 hours, not with so much changes like this new update has brought..
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    I agree, and didn't people request plugin developers to make plugins for achievements and weather?! Now it's in the game and some don't appreciate it.
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  16. just.... want ... to ... PLAY !
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    i have the war plugin, and when i have update bukkit, do i need to wait for the war plugin to update that too?
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    orbison, problably yeah... plugins are hooked to bukkit :/
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    Nathan C

    You have to be #$% me?

    The Zidonuke build? I used that one..
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    XD hey
    u asking that for me? or do u actually have it....?
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    @Nathan C I lawled at everyone using that build because I saw that coming. There's a reason you shouldn't use any build that isn't released by the Bukkit team.
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    I have it ;) i have put it in the server today! Thanks for a idea, when i was on your server XD
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    really? can i join? but its 1.4 right?
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    Yeah, you can join if you want, if you have 1.4. say from if you want to join, i can give you the ip ^^
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    you forgot step 1
    • Post big warning on servers forum "DO NOT UPDATE TILL ADMIN SAYS ITS OK"

    on a side note, im glad notch put the update infront of that portal game he keeps going on about!

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    Crappy unoptimized code is crappy unoptimized code, regardless of whether it's written in Java or assembly language. This just shows that we shouldn't be blaming Minecraft's performance woes on the language it's written in.
  27. still waiting..
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    Ok, plz wait a lil bit more.
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    dear god, you ungrateful git

    you do realise they do this for no money, were not entitled to anything. if you pulled that on my servers forum i`d ban you.
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    How about you try waiting quietly?
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