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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by kerts93, Feb 22, 2011.

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    Sorry. But if I'd spelled it "YOU IDOITS" it would've been a worthy post, I think.
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    Wait until he isn't on. Give yourself 12-20 TNT. Just place it liberally around the interior area of his castle and blow the hell out of it.

    When he gets on, say you were running away from a bunch of creepers, and you knew there was a tunnel around there that you could run into - but he'd backfilled it, so you ran into a wall and the creepers blew up all around you.

    Tell him that when you tried to go get your stuff back, there were a few un-detonated straggler creepers who killed you AGAIN. (When he shows signs of strained credibility, remind him that similar mobs do spawn in packs of up to ten and invite him to look at the Minecraft wiki.)

    Say that since he backfills all his tunnels like an arse, and it caused you to repeatedly die, you feel he ought to pay you back the diamond pickax and sword that you lost in the creeper attack on his castle.

    That way you can blow up his building and he'll pay you for it.

    NOTA BENE: On the upside, TNT and creeper blasts are completely symmetrical, provided they are embedded in a solid area of uniform density, such as in the center of a large cube of cobblestone. That ought to cheer him up.
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    For the guy who have had problems with the annoying guys, have some fun: if they use a wood or stone floor, put a shitload of TNT under it, and place a wood / stone pad on it.

    Then wait for them to come on, and watch their building go bye bye while laughing your arse off :)

    (Honestly I would just blow their stuff up, kick their arse and tell them if they annoyed me once more they would be out. but again, my server I'm talking about now..
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    So when I converted my server worlds the spawn changed... I can't find my previous stuff what do I do?
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    When my world converted the chunk(maybe more than an actual chunk) around my spawn changed. Its just a huge square of totally random map. This is probably what happened to captainawesome7. I'd say be careful and convert it in single player, or do anything but letting the server automatically do it.

    I used the most recent version of CraftBukkit when I converted.
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    You do realize it's beta (probably alpha when you started mc) and not a full released game yet?
    I'm also curious to why you're out $150? care to elaborate?
    Lastly if you don't like what Notch is doing, make your own game and don't play :)
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    Probably related to server issues.
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    Yeah I tried converting it there also but it still didn't work. I don't really know what I can do about it but I really want my stuff back. It changed the coordinates I guess because the warps are now random places that I haven't seen before. This really sucks.
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    I just ran around my world for a while, didn't see that kind of issue. Try restoring your world from backup and running the vanilla MC server on it - it should convert it. My world was converted back in the brief period between Mojang 1.3 update and the Bukkit update to make it compatible, so I used the vanilla server to convert my world and I didn't have those problems. My warp points are where they should be, as is the spawn point (spawn point is the default spawn point for the map, I never changed it via any plugins).
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    My 2c on MineCraft, Notch, and Bukkit.

    I wish MineCraft would get more content faster, not because it should, but because - by my math - Notch has at least 20 Million Dollars :) in defence of Notch, this is not a pay-to-play game, neither is it expensive, and I already have gotten FAR FAR more then $20 out of it. I'm am not even remotely complaining.

    My only wish is that since all the guys at Bukkit are doing incredible work, it would be a lot better if Notch kept more in the loop with the Bukkit guys, or at least allowed MineCraft to stay in its own folder and not install in our home folders, so we could keep older versions there to reverse/fix version issues.
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    Oh dont get me wrong, my two others (going to 4 soon ... my god, the administration of 4 users will use up most of my day) are good friends, they just have weird architectual ideas. One already flooded one of my areas, and I think all the grass died, and had to make a line of grass all through the castle to get it to regrow ... any mods that spawn you as a zombie so I can kill him then go "gees, how did a zombie get in! say what? he opened doors and chased you? must be a new bug!"
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    Hello. :)

    Fore those who have problems with their world after conversion:

    My ./world/ folder have reach 100% size of the ramdisk while calculating.

    So don't use your ramdisk for that: use your harddrive.
    No problems anymore, and after conversion you can put files in the right place. :)
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    So has anyone got updates on where bukkit currently is at?
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