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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by kerts93, Feb 22, 2011.

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    So wtf? They still gotta sort out licensing issues before they can release it?! ;(
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    The current build works, but with one caveat that I've noticed so far:
    With the change in the minecraft server to using time-based checks for block breakage, the clients no longer send the packet that craftbukkit uses for the block dig event. A few plugins don't work because of this.
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    how do i install this im kind of lost
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    most of the plugins i have tried so far seem to be working with 420 i had alot of plugins from build 53 and 406 as the builds they needed. i can list what i have tried if you want but only if you ask.
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    Take your time updating this, because I'm dead after all the people who needed the update for minecraft_server.jar.
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    I already killed this thread, please leave
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    I haven't upgraded my server yet. Don't plan on until we get a stable build. I wanted to post though because I was hoping to share some info for those who had the same problem as I did. Everyone here has been going on about using the new launcher, not upgrading etc. Well, that's exactly what I did, but that created a new issue. The new launcher wouldn't connect to minecraft.net. The upgraded old launcher would though! So I just replaces the 1.3 minecraft.jar with my backed up 1.2 jar file. Opened with the old launcher (New one still won't connect), and am able to play on my server no problem. I haven't seen anyone else with this issue posting, but some of my players had the same thing happen to them. I'm assuming it's because they just think the login server is down. But for those having a hard time logging in tonight, I suggest trying this. It worked for me!
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    Picking up items doesn't make a sound anymore.
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    This is bulldung.

    I run a server with only two other users. I took the short straw in the decision in doing so. It took me forever to get Bukkit and all the plugins running (cause I'm stupid), and when I discovered it was broken I screamed for joy, cause "yeiiiiiiiii !!! I can tell the two idiots its broken and will be down for weeks.

    Now you people are telling me you can get it fixed in days? R U MAD?

    Take a break. Go on holiday, hire a hooker (I'll send money), or for god sake say in a post that "the new Bukkit server will rape the old world and randomly vandalize everything in it, without chance of recovery. Sorry", that way I can at least hack me some TNT and blow all their crap up. Please.

    PS: One of my 2 users keeps whining that i'm not "keeping everything I do nice and symmetrical" - the bastard even backfills tunnel digs ... gaaaawwwddd its so annoying - so I need someone to make me a plug-in that creates symmetrical TNT blasts so I can some interior design on his fancy nancy castle.
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    Jason Keller

    Well, it's out, updated the save file, loads server pretty fast now with new save file. Theres many known bugs with new minecraft 1.3.
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    I had exactly the same problem, but I had a modified jar (HD texture pack), so I had assumed that was the reason. I have multiple PC's and only one did the above thing, I only have one account, so I logged in/out to do it, and the clean clients just updated (no mods on those).
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    Hrm. You know, that might have been my issue too. The only thing I couldn't get working after this was flymod (freezes at the loading screen after login). I can live without a bed and some half blocks for now. Going to wait until all the plugins I use have been updated before forging ahead. I did actually try the new craftbukkit, but it threw up so many errors, I wasn't going to mess around with it. =D
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    I cried when I read his sentence.
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    If you've got a backup of the old launcher, use it.
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    Alright I need some help understanding this new update thing.

    First off, from what I can see in this forum the official update has not come out yet. But I also saw this link (http://ci.bukkit.org/job/dev-CraftBukkit/420/) in another thread which says that this is the latest version. A little help on whether it is out or not and if it is, is the one above correct?

    Second when the update comes out do I just replace my old Bukkit Package 0.0.1? (its a folder which has things like server Properties in it and also OPs, ect.) I know I have to backup my worlds and members and such, but how? just move them into a different folder, then replace with the more new version then take everything that overlaps and replace it with my old stuff so I can have the new version and still keep all the stuff in my server?

    Just to let you know, I am really bad at understanding computer speak so the simpler the better. Thanks!
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    ROFL, LOL, *snicker*

    I'm with 'ya
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    I am testing a new server with no plugin installed and 423 running. Works fine with 1.3. With plugins, it blows up. Therefore, don't use plugins until they're updated. But CB by itself runs fine.
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    alright, time to sound stupid, where did you get this new version of CB? (stupid part) how do i tell if i am using plugins and how do i tell if i have 423 or w.e. version.

    BTW thanks for helping me, or atleast trying =D
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    Vanilla server works just fine, and not to mention you bought into a beta product, this is not a RC or final, so really you're not entitled to a functioning product, you're entitled to what every they offer. AS-IS!
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    Can I hold you to that? Do you want a link to my donate button or just my bank account details?
    Can I suggest taking to his symmetrical fancy nancy castle with TNT (not the symmetrical stuff, the other kind) and blast random walls and doors all over the place. Maybe even use TNT to blast an unsymmetrical tunnel through the place.

    Who knows, maybe he'll get so frustrated he'll stop playing?
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    So to verify, the link above is the most recent version and will work with the MC 1.3 client?
    And will this or will this not work with plugins from older versions?
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    I've test it. I know it works with MC 1.3 and the Plugins CraftEssenz and Permissions!
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    I just updated craftbukkit with the latest 1.3 version and converted my old world. I haven't restored my plugins yet and I'm able to login in offline mode with the 1.3 client. But if I try the online mode, when I try to login I have an error message saying "Failed to login: Bad login". I'm in the white-list.txt file and in ops.txt file so I don't get it ... also, on the server console I've this message : "2011-02-23 10:58:17 [INFO] / lost connection"

    I'm new to minecraft administration so maybe I'm missing something ? Before the update we were running in offline mode, but I'd like to run in online mode to force people to buy the game and also to enforce security ...

    Thanks in advance !

    edit : I just tried the official client, it works ... someone has an idea ?
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    Bad login usually means a hacked account or a wrong password, it's a reply from the login.minecraft server given to the server, the server then tells the client so.
    Possible options:
    -Run server in offline mode (You've done that)
    -Login to your server with[your port here] or[your port here]
    -Remove the ip in the server.properties file
    (you could try using your router IP and your external IP but I don't know if those help)

    Edit: I always use offline mode, but i used to use Online mode so i bet some of the above work ^_^
    --- merged: Feb 23, 2011 11:43 AM ---
    I have relaunched my sever with the newest file i could get.
    BOSEconomy working
    Minecart Mania working (it seems)
    Essentials working (it seems)
    World edit/guard working (it seems)
    MyWarp Not working
    Anyone got an update on that list?
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    My account is OK .. I just tried the official server and I can login in online mode .. so it's obviously bukkit related ..
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    You'll need to use offline mod (or possibly verify-names=false... does that still exist?) to log in to a local server - the server will get a request to log in [email protected], but get a reply from minecraft.net saying BlueGecko0@[yourWANip]. The two won't match (unless you log in with the online client) so the server will kick you. Turning online mode off (and the verify-names thing) stops the server asking minecraft.net for verification.
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    Hate to say it, but you guys have not helped me at all, my old Craftbukkit was a Folder, not a file that has no funtion but to make dumb ServerLog.LCK things or whatever they are. Is there a video out there on how to simply update a Bukkit server, if so I want to watch it.
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