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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by kerts93, Feb 22, 2011.

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    Oh I have little tolerance apparently, since I got an infraction :D

    I know I am deeply sarcastic in my posts, but that's the only way to keep answering, without this vent I'd just stopped answering altogether.
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    Mavric Skylar

    Well that looks promising, however how do we tell the percentage they have finished? It just looks like a bunch of files, however who knows how many files in all they have to complete?
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    You see they are slowly getting into the obfuscated server and putting the changes into bukkit. But that's the kind of work when even percentage would be a lie on the ETA...

    4. Read around before posting.

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    Looks like the bukkit team is cracking away.

    Makes me feel like a helpless child...I want to help so bad....I just....I just cant ;_;
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    One way to look at it is by the number of errors you get during compile; ATM there's still 31, mostly because it's trying to reference a variable which had a name change or something similar, afaict.

    Still, this only tells you how close they are to getting something that compiles, not having it compiled with all of the hooks correctly inserted.

    Also, it might be a while until all of your plugins update; I'm pretty sure that the odd behavior given by using the patch to let the older craftbukkit use newer clients (blocks not disappearing correctly) was due to the client no longer sending packet OxOE, which is the "player digging" event. So far I've found that this breaks ServerPort (you can't hit the signs to activate gates) and probably several other plugins. This packet is also used by the old version of the anti-cheat to make sure that you hit a block enough times to break it, while the new one is based on time-on-target.
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    So guys, I keep getting a "server outdated" message. Why u no work Bukkit? :D
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    I suppose its more for the programmers among us to enjoy watching, hee...
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    Mavric Skylar

    Just wish we could help make it happen faster. At least we can see they are working on it though.
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    Gotta give the Bukkit team some props. They make some lightning-fast commits and work pretty fast.
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    Shoot him ! In the head !
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    just figured you'd be happy to see..

    Craftbukkit Bukkit
    One file left. Then we're into testing!
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    Mavric Skylar


    [edit] "Test Faster" - people on my server.
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    I left my computer on while waiting for the server to be updated and now it has a blue screen.
    and dont say i dunt cuz im my laptop da desktp is the mezzed up one
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    Your what hurts?
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    This is so irrelevant I don't even.
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    I accidently the whole bottle
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    You accitentally what? ;)
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    My whole foot step water
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    Hey guays. I startd my meincraft, and now when I konect 2 my server, it goes "OUTDATED SERVER." How I can fix? Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls email hotmal me for fixinfo DO IT QUICK YOU IDIOTS thx
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    Bukkit Devs. If you need any help testing once your done the build let me know ;) I'd be happy to test it.

    Oh btw our old map files, Will the new server be able to import and convert them automagically. Or is there something we need to do in order to convert the files to the new format.
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    The code now builds without errors! It seems like testing time is starting very soon...
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    Thanks for the update!
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    I accidentally the whole overlords
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    Being uploaded to Jenkins now.
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    ty buddy
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    So, uh, how do I install this?
    Never mind, found the .jar.
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    Awesome stuff.

    Shame the launcher won't let me log in [​IMG]
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