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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by kerts93, Feb 22, 2011.

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    As one of Bukkits more harsh critics I must say I agree with those defending Bukkit at this time. Impatient people need to realize that this truly is the nature of a server wrapper of this magnitude. Expect up to a 2 week wait for the new features, and thank your lucky stars Notch actually added in optional updating, or else you would all be crying about griefers on your forced VANILLA servers.

    Now don't get me wrong, I personally am no fan of Notch... I think he cares very little about Minecraft compared to the Bukkit team and many other fans. The optional updates were a patch on the tire, and far from a permanent solution. If we had more devoted and talented people running Minecraft we would be out of beta by now - and Notch, while entitled to vacations, does not enstill a lot of trust in the community when we see how blatantly he ignores some of the biggest issues out there (customer support, THIS issue of not releasing update notes, etc.) and then takes vacations right in the middle of the problems. I'm out over 150 dollars right now because of his negligence in the customer service and security area, so this is why I feel so strongly towards this.

    Notch is entirely to blame for the fact we do not have an update today, and Bukkit so far has finally made a stable wrapper we should all be very happy with. The fact my server reliably works today, the day of an update, with all 22 of my plugins, is awesome.
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    I don't know if you were trolling or asking a serious question, but I lol'd pretty good at that post. I laughed mainly because the previous three pages are filled with people asking the exact same question.

    It will be updated as soon as it is possible to be updated. The devs are working hard to bring out an update. Play vanilla for the meantime - generate a new world and let your users go nuts - that's what I'm doing.
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    Like I said, I didn't read the above comments at all.. So I didn't see the questions being asked.
    However, I am glad to hear that they are working for us.
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    I think you're WAY over estimating. I'd wager that in a few days TOPS, we'll have a workable server update, compatible with the latest client.. But maybe some of the features will be left out, at first.
    Or at least I'm hoping for that, anyway. (I'd only expect 2 weeks, if they were making all the features from scratch, themselves, with nothing to base it off of.. But that's not the case at all.)
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    Well, first of all, you need to craft it.
    You can do so by placing three wooden planks at the bottom column of your crafting table.
    Above those planks place three wool.
    Then, you have to wait until night time and you can sleep your troubles away.
    Right click when it is night time to go into your bed.
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    The worst part about reading all these posts, is that I knew that CraftBukkit does not use minecraft_server.jar, and thus wouldn't be updated yet, and so I also assumed that there would be a lot of "bukkit server 1.3 plz my clients r mad!".

    At the end of the day, the competent server admins sit back and enjoy the show.

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    There is no ETA for 1.3-compatible CraftBukkit.
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    i LOVE the new lighting engine.
    Dont know what im talking about? upadte and play single player! ITS AWESOME
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    Or you can try it just by not updating and instead using MrMMods, and when you patch your minecraft.jar, make sure to check the "BetterLight" button. Since that's what that is.
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    Good Point
  12. they did on his blog... and with the newest BUKKIT i can't get on, it still says outdated server...
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    There are many other changes to the code that the devs need to de-obfuscate and add into the Bukkit API and CraftBukkit server, not just the change in the world save format. It will take some time. No ETA can be given at this time. We appreciate your patience.
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    M1sT3rM4n is right, vanilla is plain fun! [​IMG]
  15. with the new minecraft update everytime i press singleplayer minecraft crashes pl help

    with the new minecraft update when i press singleplayer it crashes minecraft plz help

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    You might be interested in this:
    This tool lets you easily downgrade your minecraft.
    MAC OSX USERS: Use the linux version (the osx version may not be updated yet)
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    just say if thares a download for the bukkit server or craftbukkit 3.1 or not yes plz cya :confused:
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    If you updated your client and you notice that blocks keep reappearing when you destroy them, you need to update the server so that it converts the world file. Once that is done then blocks will function normally.

    Of course, if you do this, you will most likely NOT be able to go back to using the older server with the converted save files.. Vanilla until CB is updated (which will take an unspecified amount of time -- this is reverse engineering we're talking about)

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    i was trying to make it sound funny. i wasnt serious at all. :/
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    i knew it. ill get rid of the folder then :/
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    Mavric Skylar

    Well, this is all nice, but I think we'd all be put to ease if we could get a small simple announcement from the Bukkit team. I don't want to loose players and all by trying to keep my server on lockdown if we are going to have to wait a really long time.

    To the Bukkit gods please let us know an estimated wait. I don't need a lengthy article about the progress of Bukkit for 1.3, just please let us know how long.
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    Jassin Pain

    only post on this thread that can figure out its head from its ars
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    Your answer is in this thread already. My post, 5 posts above yours on the same page, answers this question.

    I'm not sure I can provide much help. I don't play single player Minecraft, and these forums are all about a multiplayer server mod. I wish you the best of luck in your quest though.
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    Stefan Postma

    downgrade works fine for me just replace the files in windows under appdate and the bin from <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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    I really hate when Notch does this kind of thing. I have no problem reverting back to vanilla, but there's almost no communication whatsoever between Bukkit and Minecraft (not that there /should/ be, I know they're unrelated; just saying that they should be working together).

    But I'm eagerly awaiting the update. :p
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    Well Said. [​IMG]
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    I have all the trust in Bukkit's devs =D Take your time, so you wont be making any mistake. I'd rather vanilla my server for 2 weeks then get a crappy release which needs to be updated every second :)
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    Oh just a question, im a noobie to this but i do op my own server, when this up date is done will we have to download any .jars or anything, cause i updated my map tht i was workin hard on with my friends to the new version and thats on my desktop nice and safe, then i have all the plugins and shite in another folder with the .bat etc (you guys get it) what do you guys think will happen? will i down load or will it update itself over command pompt? please someone respond ty
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    You'll have to download manually. If you now have a recent enough craftbukkit, maybe even all plugins will still work.
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    Very quick! I was wondering if anybody know where I can find the updated Bukkit when it is released?
    And also would I just have to replace the craftbukkit.jar I have in my root?
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