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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by kerts93, Feb 22, 2011.

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    My name is Mika, happy?:D
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    It amazes me how often people on my server ask for help with their servers. I explain that if you dont know what your doing, what are you going to do when something breaks?.. i get a long blank stare... seriously, dont run a server! lol
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    Finally some guys that think the same. Do not drive a car if you do not know how to drive. Do not build a house if you do not know how to build anything.
    Do not run a server if you don't know what to do!!
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    my server turns on fine, but anyone that connects gets a OUTDATED SERVER. other then that all plugins seem fine that i use. but most likely when the new bukkit comes out for minecraft 1.3 i will have to say GOOD BYE to all my plugins :(
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    Literally read the thread before posting in it.
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    im really new in server-hosting. i'm running a server and it works, till to the update.
    let's wait! n hope the developers are doing their job! many thanks!!!!
    n why do we have to say GOOD BYE to all "our" plugins?
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    I am new also in server-hosting :)
    Let's hope we don't have to say good-byes to plugins :(
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    I'm French and my players are getting impatient .. When will be available Bukkit version that works with 1.3?

    Thank you,
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    You let people discuss running their own server on yours?

    If someone tried that on mine I'd tell them to go play on theirs and stop taking up my slots.
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    How is anyone supposed to learn how to drive a car, or build a house, or run a server in your world where people who don't know how to do something don't try to do it anyway?
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    Why would you? Stop posting misinformation, stop whining and just wait for crying out loud.
    Aren't there any other games to play?
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    I'd expect them to at least do some preliminary research before trying to do it.
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    Right, because you first learn to build a house instead of first learning what he house looks like, what materials you use and stuff, you just jump right into learning to build it...
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    I am still unable to connect to Minecraft.net from the Minecraft.exe client. Although I am able to connect from my browser.. It says I can play offline but then when I do play offline, it still has 1.2_02 at the top left.
    Please, someone help...
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    Well I have the same thing, so I use the old launcher, I think it's the new https:// method. No sense to research it now since everything is a mess. If it still bugs tomorrow I'll start tryint to solve it.
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    If you want to play online you can't use the client for now, you have to use the site.
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    Notch did, he even provided source code for the new save format on majong's website. I'm sure bukkit won't have a problem.
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    will the new update kill hey0 for good?
    I have a bad ass build server on hey0 and If hey0 is dead, I will be spending a couple hours transferring permissions and setting up the plugins for bukkit. The problem, I got no time to do it and the server runs 24/7 for all my friends.

    Life: If god gives you lemons, you find a new God!
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    I think hMod is dead for good since 1.3
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    Yup, Although bukkit is something new to learn and Permissions can be a pain, it's worth it. There are always people fixing, updating and working on Bukkit whilst Hey0's hMod corpse is lying on the ground. If someone does update it, I expect bugs with the server software and plugins.
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    I've never been through this before. I'm entirely aware that it has broken bukkit and it will take time to update. My question is this: Do updates like this typically break all of the plugins as well? Or once bukkit updates, will everything typically work as normal? Just trying to get an idea of what kind of work I'm looking at once bukkit has been updated. Thanks in advance!
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    Sometimes they do sometimes not, it depends on what has to be changed. Some mapping software or backup plugins may not work. If the changes are drastic then plugin devs will most likely have to update their plugins
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    You can let Players with the newest Client Version connect by editing NetLoginHandler.java:

    public void a(Packet1Login packet1login) {
            this.g = packet1login.b;
            if (packet1login.a != 8) {
                if (packet1login.a > 8) {
                    this.a("Outdated server!");
                } else {
                    this.a("Outdated client!");
            } else {
                if (!this.e.l) {
                } else {
                    (new ThreadLoginVerifier(this, packet1login)).start();
    They can however not destroy Blocks (That's what I noticed so far) . You can tell them how to downgrade though, so it's still better than that annoying "Outdated Server!" Message.
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    Phantom Index

    Most Minecraft updates will break Bukkit unless it's a small change. Once Bukkit updates, it will work like normal just allowing you to use the new stuff that is added.
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    I think they rather know that the server will be down for a while rather than get pissed attempting to break or build
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    the main problem with Hmod is that almost every dev has moved over to Bukkit. So unless Hmod became compatible with Bukkit plugins, i rly don't see any possible future for it. Go with where the devs are, always
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    Well, "Outdated Server!" is in my opinion more annoying than letting them join and telling them what to do to downgrade. You'll probably loose less Users.
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