minecraft 1.3.1 Bug

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Sleiva, Aug 3, 2012.

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    Someone can help me, someone player duplicate x2 items with plugin and he won't tell with plugin

    List plugins:
    CraftBukkit on Bukkit 1.3.1-R0.1-SNAPSHOT
    WorldEdit 1142-8c36047
    GiveAll 2.0
    ShiftMode 1.4
    SpamGuard 0.4
    SuperJump 0.8
    ruFix 0.59
    PermissionsEx 1.19.1
    ServerSave 1.4
    Gmlist 1.5.5
    WorldGuard 5.5.2-SNAPSHOT
    AutoMessage 1.5
    Spectate 1.5.2
    iConomy 6.0.9b
    AuthMe 2.6.3b1
    OpenInv 1.8.6
    MiningTNT 0.4
    NoCheat 3.4.3
    FalseBookCore 0.93alpha
    FalseBookCart 0.93alpha
    Essentials 2.9.1
    Jobs 2.6.3
    ChatManager 1.19.1
    EssentialsProtect 2.9.1
    FalseBookChat 0.93alpha
    FalseBookBlock 0.93alpha
    EssentialsSpawn 2.9.1
    CreativeGates 1.3.3
    VanishNoPacket 3.11
    LWC 4.2.1 (b700-git-MANUAL)
    FalseBookIC 0.93alpha
    ChestShop 3.39
    EssentialsChat 2.9.1
    FalseBookExtra 0.93alpha
    Factions 1.6.7
    Someone can please help to resolve this bug x2 duplication anyone items i was blocked Dispenser with worldguard but still they can do it and i can't catch them please help me i am seriously and when i had 1.2.5 they still was duplication x2 items and 1.3.1 too.

    Thanks if you will help me.
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    its no plugin. you can duplicate an item if you put both in a dispenser and activate it. you get again the 2 items but in the dispenser subtract only one. So you put in the items again and again and again... doesent know how to fix :/ greetings from Germany :) (sorry for bad spelling :pP)
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