Minecraft 1.1 is out.

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Jan 12, 2012.

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    Mojang have just released an update for Minecraft, bringing us to Minecraft 1.1.

    Along with several bug fixes, this update provides the following:
    • Bow Enchantments
    • Golden Apple recipe
    • New language translations.
    • Slightly smoothed color transitions between biomes
    • Reduced brewing time to 20 seconds
    • Added spawn eggs to creative (the colors of the eggs even look like the mobs)
    • Added world type options (currently only super-flat and default)
    • Removed collision box from ladders
    • Sheep eat grass and regain their wool
    While you wait for us to release an update, check out this video for a sneak peek on what Minecraft 1.1 has to offer:

    Please try and advise your users not to update or they will likely not be able to connect to your server. If you would like to help us out with the update process, you can hop on our IRC chat on irc.esper.net @ #bukkit and report any bugs you come across (both Minecraft and Bukkit bugs when we have a compatible development build out).

    This is just a short announcement to let you know that we are aware of this and are working on it as I type this.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding. As always, we'll have a development build out as soon as possible to support this update and will follow with an RB when we feel it is ready.
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    Is it just me or is all of the minecraft chat white? Its like there is no color codes.
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    1714 with AuthMe (logged in .. ), Lockette (accessed already locked chests), PickBoat (didn't test), bPermissions (kind of involved), MineBackup (did a backup), Cenotaph (didn't die so not tested..), Courier (sent a letter), HomeSpawnPlus (didn't test).

    Worked just fine. The new biome-transition code meant I had a garden where the water was now ice but that was about it.

    I've also tested (on another server) Stargate and it worked fine as well.

    I'm amazed at how quickly Bukkit staff got a devbuild up and running. Kudos!
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  4. i'm running essentials and pex, all seems fine with the dev build, beds don't reset spawn but i that wasn't right before anyway.
    have the legendary map for a friend so some things may glitch anyway :)
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    Excuse me, who are you?
    Please consider donating before you demand anything in caps ;)
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    My server is working fine now. Ill be back on the chat tommorrow. One bit of advice, delete plugins like spout, NoLagg, and other ones that edit the worlds features.
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    Hi, first off Thank You Bukkit! I really enjoy your hard work! I've just started running your server last week, so this is all new to me, but fun!

    Ran the new build and it seems to work OK with Essentials, Multiverse-Core, Multiverse-Portals, and Parachute. The only issue I noticed is when picking up dropped items (in this case wheat and seeds) I needed to have an open spot in inventory, not just an open spot in my hot bar. I don't remember that being the case before?

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    If I could bake you a batch of cookies and give them to you I would!!! All morning I have been searching for a legit way to restore my game and you, my friend, have given that to me xD Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I really like to do releases as fast as possible and not have any braindead releasedeadlines.
    What good is it to keep working stuff unreleased?
    Oh well, the users complaining of having to update all the time... Well, screw that.
    There is one thing that they allways seem to ignore: They DO NOT NEED to update to every new release - they do not need to allways run the latest version.

    I pretty much liek this "i want one big update in like one quartal and when its out it shall be instantly working" contradiction microsoft taught us and also show'd the pitfalls of this behaviour.
    Noone hinders you to do one update every 6 months - If you want to - just give your users a download of the client they need to play on your server.
    while others can go for the bleeding edge stuff.
  11. It's amazing how the bukkit-team always have said "Don't ask us when the bukkit build is out..." and how there still is atleast 2-3 people asking that exact question on every page :p

    It's both good and bad. The thing that messes up the servers the most thought is the new biomes. When running a server and don't want to remove anything the users made (From minechafts to houses to art) it isn't the funniest thing to have to restart the map just to get the updated thingys.

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    can anyone give me an estimate on how long this will take u guys?
  13. This took 24 minutes from my post:

    It's almost fun... almost. :p
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    Unfortunatly for us, the mayans didn't predict when it will be out
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    It will be out when it's out :D.
    I mean, c'mon you gotta give credit to Bukkit. They aren't soley coders without lives ( I hope not ) :p!

    But, seriously, this isn't easy stuff, and Bukkit is an amazing team of awesomeness :D.
    I appreciate all the effort you guys put in!
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    Bukkit Team, your expertise and knowledge of java-goodness makes me so happy that YOU guys are the head of this project, not some bumbling 13-year-old like me. Keep up the good work.
    extremely excellent work.
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    I sent out just the minecraft.jre for 1.0 and it did the trick. (that's only for regulars who I know have legit copies)
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    Will i have to wait for plugin updates too?
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    Hey Guys,
    I'm using 1714 and it works fine and stable.
    Workin plugins:
    BuyEXP, Essentials, EssentialsSpawn, all Falsebook, iConomy, PermissionsBukkit, PickBoat, Vault, Worldedit and Worldguard
    Not workin:
  20. Citizens will prob work soon (if not already). Try reading through the latest posts. He is working on it and posts versions for us to try. :)
    Edit: Latest posts on the citizens page that is :)
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    The one server I'm currently running 1714 on is really low specced, and is usually plagued with "can't keep up" messages and all logins take forever. Except now with 1.1/1714. Is anyone else seeing amazing performance improvements as well or am I just tricked by the recent restart?

    (Mojang seems to have taken a lesson or two from Optifine as well in the client)
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    I just tried the #1716 test version and it didn't work. Should I uninstall all my plugins before I run this and then plug each one of them in one by one?

    I probably made a big error running this with all the plugins still inside the folder >.<
    I just swapped it out for my old version again, but now my run.bat file is no longer working. I've triple checked it and everything inside of it is written in properly, but every time I try to start the server back up it I get an error message in the console:
    "Error: Unable to access jarfile craftbukkit-1.0.1-R1
    Press any key to continue..."

    This is what the run.bat file looks like:

    "@Echo off
    SET BINDIR=%~dp0
    CD /D "%BINDIR%"
    "C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\java.exe" -Xincg -

    Xmx4096M -jar craftbukkit-1.0.1-R1

    What's going on? :(

    *edit* I just took out my plugins folder and tried running the server again with #1716....still getting same error.
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    No support for running development builds will be provided in this thread, please do not ask.
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    The file you downloaded for 1.1 is likely named craftbukkit-1.1-R1-SNAPSHOT.jar - edit your bat-file accordingly.
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    ***EDIT*** Problem solved. I forgot to put .jar at the end of the file name in the run.bat file. Whoooops.
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    Been waiting nearly a whole day now, Grrrr!!
    Only joking, love you Bukkit.

    Wondering if the Bukkit team could drag out the release a little. It's just occured to me I get a while where I don't have to install or configure anything. I might actually get to build something! Haven't done that since I started hosting a sever.

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    LOLOLOL Nice try bud. Your posting on a bukkit forum scrub. Im sorry If you can get your jollies off by patting yourself on the back everyday saying, my build is soooo awesome. LOLOL scrubs.... who need em? Oh and yes, this game is so much more to some people (myslef included) then punching wood. Like I stated earlier YOUR ON BUKKIT FORUMS the place where people realize what this game can become.... So much more than wood punching. I bet your the "special" person who can run in circles very fast screaming "WEEEEEEEEEE!!!" Thats all this game is without a modding community, just another repetative game of running in circles. 1p?! HA who needs it. Tried it for a month and it got *yawn* after *yawn*
    Wall-o-text done. Yes again its TL:DR ^^^
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    1716 works wonderfully on my win box. No lag that I can tell.
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    damn, i wish they would hurry up just a tad. i just started advertising my server on other sites and now no1 can connect xD

    but besides for that, im lovin bukkit. keep up the good work guys! =]
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    The only thing that you can do is change the name of your plugins folder, and then start the server, then add one plugin by one until the chat stops working, and hey-presto, you've found the dodgy plugin.

    This is a list of plugins that I know that work (running perfectly with bukkit build 1714):

    MultiInv, Votifier, AutoMessage, Questioner, FalseBookCore, MCSL, WorldGuard, FalseBookBlock, Multiverse-Core, FalseBookExtra, SimpleReserve, FalseBookCart, iConomy, FalseBookIC, Buycraft, Multiverse-Portals, Minequery, PermissionsEx, LogBlockQuestioner, Essentials, WorldEdit, NoCheat, MinecraftViewer, Lottery, Vault, VanishNoPickup, UltraBan, EssentialsSpawn, Permissions, WebAuction, Towny, NoLagg, NarrowtuxLib, mChatSuite, LWC, WorldBorder, LogBlock, Showcase, Register
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