Minecraft 1.1 is out.

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Jan 12, 2012.

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    Mojang have just released an update for Minecraft, bringing us to Minecraft 1.1.

    Along with several bug fixes, this update provides the following:
    • Bow Enchantments
    • Golden Apple recipe
    • New language translations.
    • Slightly smoothed color transitions between biomes
    • Reduced brewing time to 20 seconds
    • Added spawn eggs to creative (the colors of the eggs even look like the mobs)
    • Added world type options (currently only super-flat and default)
    • Removed collision box from ladders
    • Sheep eat grass and regain their wool
    While you wait for us to release an update, check out this video for a sneak peek on what Minecraft 1.1 has to offer:

    Please try and advise your users not to update or they will likely not be able to connect to your server. If you would like to help us out with the update process, you can hop on our IRC chat on irc.esper.net @ #bukkit and report any bugs you come across (both Minecraft and Bukkit bugs when we have a compatible development build out).

    This is just a short announcement to let you know that we are aware of this and are working on it as I type this.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding. As always, we'll have a development build out as soon as possible to support this update and will follow with an RB when we feel it is ready.
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    The better question is... why wasnt this a 1.0.2 update?
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    hm.. i need 1.1 again-.-
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    Yeah Thanks i download it now :)
    Sheeps Eating grass *_* :p
  5. That was small server update. This is a client update.
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    Before everyone else gets on and starts demanding an update, I would like to say a few things.

    1. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication. Bukkit.org is a great site, not only for craftbukkit, but for dev.bukkit.org, where I get all my plugins. I wouldn't have come so far if your site wasn't so easy to use!

    2. Don't sweat the haters, take your time, make sure every i is dotted, and every t is crossed before you release.

    3. Happy New Year!
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    Damn... Just got my server back up and running for 1.0.0 lol

    Oh well, I'll just update when there's a stable build for this update :p
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    FFs one hour from starting the new server and this?
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    Thanks bukkit.
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    This is a very small content update - in previous updates this would be considered a bug fix update :p
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    I'd rather have a minecraft update like.. twice a year, with HUGE changes... not every other month...
    If we add it up, i takes roughly 1-3 weeks (on average) for a bukkit RB to come out. Yeah it's not your fault, I love bukkit don't get me wrong. Stuff takes time :p
    And anywhere between 1 day and more than a month for plugins to update... That doesnt leave much time for playing. :(

    I'll be watching ci.bukkit.org like a hawk though.

    On a lighter note,

    GREAT work on responding to the update within seconds (quite literally) of it being put up. This time you don't have MineCon as a distraction :p
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    Where can i find a full changelog?
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    From what I understand most of those are the features and there's "unknown" changes that fix bugs. Really wondering what they are!
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    AMAZING! Just a question... Where do I download it to my server? So i can play on it? Sincerly Javaprogrammer
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    I think it's fair to say Bukkit works harder than Mojang. They release some measly content update while Bukkit slaves away make the game complete.
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    They update way too much and it is hard for us server admins to keep up with the changes. Especially when there are people on your server. Then you gotta either wait for all of them to leave, or kick them out.
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    Alright, I see on console where several players are getting "OUTDATED SERVER". Is 1.0 still available for them to revert to?
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    Not legally, but some people just post a 1.0 jar on their forums.
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    My players are ok with it. I always give a warning and if they are in the middle of something important, I wait a few minutes.
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    I recently started using Bukkit. Anyone knows how long it usually takes the Bukkit devs to update?
    I just want to tell my server users an estimate time it takes the server to be available for newly updated clients.
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    When bukkit server 1.1 is come?
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    Cheers for your work Bukkit!
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    Thanks for the update! Looking forward to the release. Thanks to everyone for their hard work.
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    Thanks Bukkit :D
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    If mojang and bukkit joined together, the result would be one epic team :)
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    Soo, Hypothetically of course, one could copy and upload their own maincraft.jar somewhere and direct players to it? Would it contain remnants of my own game experience?
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    At least a week guys..Mojang does update often which is sometime annoying, but again I don't think Minecraft really was made for servers haha. You always have some users that update and I always say well I told you not to do that.
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    If you dont include the lastlogin file (in .minecraft) you'll be fine :)
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    Well, that's the Open Source philosophy. Update also on small bugs and don't wait half a year for a working update :)
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    Does giving the 1.01 Minecraft.exe to your players who accidentally updated fix the problem? Or do you have to package the entire .minecraft (without the last login)?
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