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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Hi Bukkiteers,

    Most of the staff will be at Minecon this weekend so a couple things can happen:
    1. Forum approval times will be longer.
    2. Reports won't be handled as fast as usual.
    3. New http://dev.bukkit.org projects or files will be on hold till after Minecon.

    We will do our best to do as much as possible!

    Absolute Emergency (dragons burnt the town, villagers are rioting) private message either: CFEmergency Admin or Bukkit Emergency Admin
    Normal Emergency (gremlins, imps and evil pixies) contact: Support Desk
    We will still be watching, but response time will be delayed. Happy Holidays to everyone.

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    I hope you all will have a good time at Minecon :D
  3. I will be here, if anyone needs any support please just message me. I cannot do admin related things though so please don't ask me to approve BukkitDev projects and related things, but I can help you out and obviously keep the forum running. I will need to sleep though, I'm a human so when I am asleep it will be slow once more.

    I will try to keep it all moving, if it is slow please do not spam staff it will be sorted.
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    Hmm, for some reason I was under the impression that you were a robot. Didn't you say that you failed the Turing test?
  5. @nverdier I didn't say I failed it, I think you're referring to the conversation on your profile
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    i still think ur a robot
  7. @nverdier What makes you think that. 010010101010101010111110101000010101101010101010
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Lets keep the offtopic stuff in the offtopic section shall we?
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    Hope you all have a great time at Minecon!
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    You can look for me and Lana. I'm the old guy and Lana is somewhat tall with (partially) purple hair.
  11. First new topic on the front page in six months or so...
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    That makes a J??W?. ELITE HAX0RZ!
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    Posting from the ExCeL center. Yay! Just saw Lydia and Vu Bui (sp?).
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  14. Started thinking the page might be broken...
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    Thanks for the notice!
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    thunder clan

    I may go next time its at las vegas in july or august
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    Glad your back.
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