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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by PIXELDUDE2001, May 18, 2015.

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    Suggested name: MineChat Listener

    What I want:
    Hello all, I was just thinking about an idea for a plugin that listens for the annoying messages that are sent when logging on to a server with mobile clients like minechat and mcconnect and stops them from being sent. At the same time as this I would like to see the plugin run a command to add a suffix to the minechat user that indicates that they are using minechat (something like '[Rank] Username MC'), removing the need for the join message. Then when the player leaves the game the plugin would run a command to remove the suffix. The plugin could be integrated with pex or other permissions plugins.

    Ideas for commands
    : /mcl removesuffix <player>

    Ideas for permissions: mclistener.exempt, mclistener.admin (can remove suffix)

    When I'd like it by: Whenever (No rush or even real need for this to happen :p)
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    Ill do this when I get some spare time. Just could you post what messages it sends? One other thing is that any player could say that message and then get the prefix, I also know with Minechat it removes that message (Correct me if im wrong) if you get the paid verison, so it would only work on a few people, and there would be some players who say the message just to get a special suffix to be seen better in chat or something.
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    @big02001 You can detect if the player doesn't move :)
    You'd just have to prevent water, pistons etc.

    Because if a player moves, he isn't with MineChat/MCConnect, so he wouldn't be able to use the command (or to get the prefix by sending a message in the chat).
    You can also detect when it is said, because it must be a few seconds after he joined ;)
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    Thanks for replying guys, there are multiple messages. I think you will cover most with these:
    'connected with an iPhone using MineChat'
    'connected with an iPad using MineChat'
    'connected with an iPod using MineChat'
    'connected with an Android device using MineChat'
    'I'm chatting on my iPhone using MC Connect for Minecraft! Check it out, it's free :)'
    'I'm chatting on my iPad using MC Connect for Minecraft! Check it out, it's free :)'
    'I'm chatting on my iPod using MC Connect for Minecraft! Check it out, it's free :)'
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    Yeah that would be good
  7. @PIXELDUDE2001 Bare in mind that they might not give the message every time. IIRC, MineChat wouldn't send it if you were in a server before, so long as you don't close the app.
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    Erm, this doesn't seem as easy as I expected, maybe instead of removing the minechat prefix after leaving the server remove the prefix when someone moves. But then you have the problem of MCConnect making you jump when you join the server, maybe stop the prefix when someone moves after being on for 10 seconds? (Is this even possible ? XD)
  9. @PIXELDUDE2001 Yup, that's entirely possible. It's quite easy in fact. It's hit a few false positives, i.e. if some joins and doesn't move for a little bit... but that wouldn't be a huge issue.
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    One idea would be to "force" the player to make a human action, e.g. click on an item, something with a title
    Anything as long as it's not in the chat basically, so that MineChat and McConnect wouldn't see it, but regular players would.
    But making it too "big" would make it annoying for regular users...

    I think this is a good solution (it's the best that I can think of) :
    when a player joins
    check if they send a chat message in the next 5s
    if it is one of the messages sent by the apps
    add the rank to the player
    when a player moves (a natural movement, other than jump, water, pistons, mobs, projectiles, lava, etc.)
    remove the player's rank
    EDIT: I just thought about a really easy and very reliable way, if these apps have an API, or something to check if a player is currently using this app on a specific server, or something like a specific MC|Brand that they would send, then just listen to that (or check if the player is on an mobile app each time a player joins) and add him the rank, then remove it when he disconnects... Not sure at all if that exists though :/
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    Both of these systems seem good, of course the second would be more reliable but I don't know if it exists. The first seems the most likely to work but I'm not sure how you would listen for only natural movements.
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    So anyone working on this?
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    Hate to bump, but who was going to work on this originally and do you still want to?
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    @big02001 was supposed to work on this, but not sure he is still willing to, since he never replied :/

    I can maybe do that, but I am already working on some plugins ._.
    If nobody takes this, I'll try to get it done for tomorrow, but if @big02001 or anybody else wants it, no problem ^.^
  15. I can also get this done if @big02001 doesn't get it done, I can have it done soon
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