"Minecart Launcher" request.

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Avous, Apr 25, 2011.

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    I would like a plugin that when you hit a redstone enabled button/pressure plate then it summons a minecart and rams into you causing you to "tumble into" the minecart instead of it just stopping when it smacks into you at high speed like animals/monsters in a empty minecart.

    my biggest problem with minecarts is its hard to launch one with speed and still hop in.. or if you spawn one on a hill it looses all momentum...

    sooo could i get a plugin that makes you fall into minecarts when you smack into them and they go max speed when you spawn them?
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    Good idea, although if you wanted some added functions to mine carts I would suggest using Minecart Mania.

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    yeah i was aware of that plugin however id like minecarts that spawn based on redstone at high speed and toss you in when they bump into you instead of stop they just shove you in the cart.

    no one can help me out here?

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    Philip Blair

    Using Minecart Mania my friend made a system where you pushed a button, a minecart started coming, and you would stand in front of a certain block and when the minecart came by it would automatically bring you on. I s this what you mean?
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    ya but i use minecart mania and whenever it slams into me it doesnt pick me up

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