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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by hammo00, Dec 20, 2016.

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    So we all know those plugins where blocks fall if you place them. But I have a server where you have real jobs. To make the miner more real I want them to support everything they mine it away.

    Im mining 3x3, and blocks fall down on me, But if I place support (fences or so) They wont fall down. I have to place those supports every 10 blocks.

    No permissions for this plugin.
    Config so you can change the support block
    Blocks dont fall down if you do 1x2 or 2x2, only 3x2 or 2x3 or higher.

  2. So basically, you want gravel physics to apply to every block unless it fences to support them being held up? But only underground? Below a specific y axis? You do realize this would basically make caves collapse, as they generate without support.
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    I believe that's what he wants, except he doesn't quite realize by merely having this plugin it would cause every loaded chunk to collapse on itself, crashing your server every time.
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    Or you could make it apply only when a player breaks a block. No need to have it apply to caves.
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  5. @Sploon well, break one block in the cave, and boom. This would have to run under some very stringent world rules.
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    If you're trying to make a plugin that requires supports for x amount of blocks, and going outside that range without providing supports causes a "cave in", you wouldn't be scanning through every block in some large radius when a player breaks a block.. that would be too much. You'd just have to check the block above the one the player broke (or the next non-air block, depending on how you want the plugin to work).
  7. You could make it so there is a custom mine world where this applys and has a auto refresh so it's small but has no caves or anything
  8. You'd need a superflat world.
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