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    I've been looking for a Plugin that I can use to periodically replenish the blocks in my server's public mine.
    I'm looking for a Plugin that allows the admin to select cuboid areas and then generate stone an ores based on the depth, at certain time intervals.
    I'm no java programmer so I'm not sure I'd this is possible, but It would need region selection, depth perception, and then autogeneration (based on depth) capabilities.

    If depth perception isn't possible, then percentages of ore would still be awsome;
    I.e. %iron, %gold, %redstone, % diamond, and the rest would be stone.
    Lava and mob spawners are negligible, but it would be awsome if they could be incorporated.

    I've talked with other server admins, with a similar mine setup to mine, and they have the same problem of depleting large mines very fast, and not being able to refill them and remake them into mines with ores.
    I've seen plugins that autogenerate one type of block in an area, like AnyReg, but I have yet to see a plugin that can generate an area of different blocks based on the percentage of finding each type of block/ore.

    Id be willing to donate a bit of cash if anyone is able to do this, and you'd get a ton of love :D
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    THIS would be very nice to have!
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    I'm not sure of your setup, but with WorldEdit, you can easily do chunks of ore. You could also do a simple percentage (wouldn't be based on depth).
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    It´s really nice to see that i can create my mine with WorldEdit. But how can i create it with the percentages? Which commands do i need for that?
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    Yeah what would the command be for that? An wouldn't blocks replace each other if I did them sequentially...unless I'm misunderstanding the command you're describing...
    What command would that exactly be?
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  7. If theres demand for an area effect like cuboids, i can make that into the plugin
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    would be very nice :)

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