Millionaire mod as SMP Bukkit Plugin

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by StinkinSweet, Jun 8, 2011.

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    It would most likely require client side modding.
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    I'm ok with client side modding, as i distribute the mods for all the users on my server (its myself and a small group of friends) But is this because the server cant handle the village spawns, or is it because of the NPCs? I don't know anything about making mods, but this seems like an obvious awesome mod that lots of people would like.
  4. Wouldn't need client-side modding (unless you want the items too), but it would be long and hard to make.
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    is someone making that right now?
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    It'll need spot generation and hooking into Citizens' API (correct me if they don't have an API) to make it function working.

    It will be very complicated, in my opinion.
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    Very complicated, yes. but also very popular...

    It could hook into a whole load of other plugins and I reckon it'd be in the top 10 most popular plugins...
    -hook into Citizens for NPC types,
    -Towny for the actual village
    -iConomy to trade with the villagers
    -Maybe even some combat plugins like Archers, for warrior NPCs to defend with?
    -BukkitContrib, giving the NPCs custom skins and so on
    -Ultimately (not sure if possible) - using Permissions to decide what abilities NPCs have (default NPC group, then each could be put into specific groups)
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    These Forum's should have a *facepalm button so i can constantly keep pressing when i see threads like this one...
    Oh yeah.
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    so, has anyone actually figured this out yet - it would be really helpfull for me
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    Not sure if anyone should even bother trying until 1.8 when villages/npcs come out in the base code for Adventure mode.
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    The producer of Millienare said that his mod isn't multiplayer. (At least the last time I checked)
    I think you can wait a few more weeks 1.8 anyways.
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    All im saying is that i wish my shops in my bukkit could have a plugin to be like the NPC shops in millinare they were by far the best shops i have ever seen.i wish i could have those shops in my server
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    does anyone know yet if it is going to be a server mod or not? really would love it if it was coming out as a server mod
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