Millenaire - NPC villages which you help construct! Allows custom buildings too

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    Idk if anyone still cares, or if anyone has actually picked this idea up, but I am officially starting an NPC village constructing / automation plugin (inspired by Millenaire). Development name is "CityScape", and you can follow our progress here or on our bukkitdev page here:

    We will be actively releasing snippets of testable plugin available. Right now we have a simple test plugin availabe (or at least it should be) that is a proof of concept for essential NPC AI. NPC's will walk to blocks placed by players, and will look at players within 4 blocks of the NPC. These are both integral aspects for NPC automation and human interaction.
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    Update of progress: Now version 0.1.0 (alpha)! We have hooked into WorldEdit (required to load the plugin), and successfully integrated NPC block placement to WE schematics (mcedit format).

    This version is purely developmental, so please note that it will be unstable, and it most likely will freeze your server every now and then.

    Nothing is currently saved to file, so you'll have to restart your "town" every time your server reloads.

    CityScape v0.1.0 [1.2.5-r1.0]

    Version 0.1.0
    • Added Feature: Added world edit schematic recognition (WorldEdit is REQUIRED)
      • NPC's will now build buildings from scratch, and upgrade them (if they have a newer version of the schematic)
        • This version contains a "Town Hall" and 5 upgrades for it.
        • If you wish to use your own schematic, then you will have to overwrite the "TH1" file (it must be named "TH1")
    • Added Feature: Revised commands
      • To start building a town hall, type "/mc" (short for "make city")
        • The MC command spawns an NPC (if one doesnt already exist)
        • The NPC will snake around, placing blocks until the schematic is complete
      • To upgrade, type "/city upg [city#] [building name] [building#]
        • If you do not change the files, you can upgrade the town hall with "/city upg 0 TH [#]" where [#] is 2-6
        • The NPC will replace old blocks with new ones (and break blocks if needed)
    • Added Feature: Materials of recognition:
      • Clay Block
        • Clay Blocks will be completely ignored in the schematic. This is different from air, cause if air exists, then the NPC will break the block to make air.
        • Reasoning for skipping clay is used to make borders of properties, so that the edges will be smooth and follow the terrain
      • Bedrock
        • ALL bedrock will be replaced by the default material.
        • We define the default material as the surface block that the building is placed on (either grass, dirt, or sand)
        • Reasoning for replacing bedrock is to allow for various terrain types
    • Warning: This version can be rather unstable. It will most likely freeze your server, or the plugin may just stop working. This is due to vanilla bugs that we are currently squashing.
    • Notice: For debugging reasons, NPC's will build at approximately 1 tick per block (20 blocks per second). This is to help us pick out bugs, analyze upgrading, and for a good laugh. The final version is intended to have 4 or 5 ticks per block (4 or 5 blocks per second).
    • Removed Feature: NPC's will no longer cancel block placement, and walk to your blocks.

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