Millenaire - NPC villages which you help construct! Allows custom buildings too

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    Request that one of you talented bukkit developer types get in touch with the author of this fantastic NPC village-building mod:

    check out the time lapse video on the first page - then pick up your jaw and read on...


    - npc villages generated automatically which go out harvesting wood to build with
    - trade with players to get more advanced materials (opportunity for iconomy connections)
    - can make your own custom building templates which the villagers will build, block by block over time
    - villagers breed and make new housing if they have enough materials available to do so
    - villagers will aggro if you mess with them

    the possibilities of this mod are frankly astounding, but the mod author doesn't know anything about programming for bukkit. I've suggested a port from the modloader version he currently uses, but some support from the dev community here would really help!

    Thanks for taking the time to read this
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    If I were good enough for this, I would do it :) Looking forward seeing someone with skills taking this project to something great!
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    Original author has already done the hard work, all that would be needed is a developer for a bukkit port so he doesn't have to keep 2 versions updated. I say "all" - I appreciate how difficult coding in any language is (I'm only C++ literate from my uni days).

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained Erbros - you'd get loads of support from the bukkit developers in the forums here!
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    Nathan Williams

    Alot of the people on my server are wanting this. So it would be awesome if someone made this.
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    This is great... I would love to see it developed. We wouldn't get females or children with the bukkit version but that's fine.
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    I hope one developer will make it
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    this would be too awesome! please someone has to make it smp ready!
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    I'm not sure if all of it is doable, since it is a mod.
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    Well the block placement is doable.
    We've seen NPC's on bukkit, would just have to pre program a list of NPC's.

    I wish I had the coding skill to do this myself. I'll ask a friend of mine to take a look when he gets time.
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    Have your friend look into porting this:
    link removed
    It'll actually will allow all of the ssp mods to be loaded in smp eventually. All that needs to happen is a port to bukkit. :/
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    I cant wait... I would HUGELY support the creater of this
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    Or you can wait for Notch to release the Modding API.
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    Wait? Patience? From Minecraft players? JK I can't wait for that API. There are so many good mods out there that I want to combine with bukkit.
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    Me too, I have become quite fond of the Planes mod.
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    Not to mention dragons, books you can write in and place in a previously empty bookcase, additional mobs, new block types, new weapons, the list goes on.
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    I'd be really interested in having a go at this, I think it would be possible but I would need some form of NPC api which I could hook into to control NPC's. Anyone know of any?
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    Assuming that you cannot port his base code there is this plugin which is still active.

    Also this plugin saves structures you build to file and comes with some pre configured structures. If you could tie it in directly I think you'd have a winner.

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    everyone in my server wants this so I really want this mod but either.
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    I'm gonna do it. I've been looking for a challenge, and this is it. I'll develop it, and I'll have a beta in a few days. However, it needs a new name. Any ideas?
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    Villenaire :p
    Or Villages, Civilisations?
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    Why need this plugin, 1.8 brings NPC villages :D
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    Look when this was posted...
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    Dang im stupid :D
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    I was thinking Construire, its french for build.
    And even tho 1.8 adds this, im still developing it lol.
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    i'll still use it. have been looking for this a long time.
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    I will use it either GOOD LUCK!
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    it should be great, are you still doing it??
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    i cant wait till its made! then i can just give wood 2 the NPC's and let them build:D
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    So, steaks4uce, did you get started on the plugin. Can't wait!

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