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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Snowl, Feb 5, 2011.

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    So I have started on a little project called milkbukkit. It should turn out to be a Web Admin panel for bukkit.

    There is no authentication atm, so using this will enable anyone to use the current functions. It is also unfinished.

    It does however have one little limitation: Stopping and starting the server does not work as it is a plugin and not a wrapper. It however can reload and kill it.
    It is of course, limited by what plugins can do.
    Here are some things it can currently do:
    • Broadcast a message
    • Kill server
    • Ban Player
    • Ban IP
    • Reload server
    • Disable/enable plugins
    • Get server version
    • Kick a user
    • Give user an item
    • Remove an item from user
    • Set players health
    • Get players IP address
    • Shoot/throw an egg/arrow/snowball from a player
    • Change a players name
    • Teleport a player to another player/location
    • Restarting (through the wrapper)
    It currently is backend only. Would anyone be interested in this? It will be free with no advertising.
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    Sounds handy enough. Will ban user/ip be implemented? I'd also suggest some form of save/backup functionality be incorporated if possible, so you can purposefully save and then kill the server. Also, I know you said it's backend only, but will you be implementing a web interface yourself? If so what are your plans for its design?
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    Ban user and IP will be implemented. I'll try and add a save/backup functionaility. I might also add a stop and start wrapper just for those functions. There will be an web interface, I am just coding more functions, the ones on the top are already implemented.
    --- merged: Feb 6, 2011 8:04 AM ---
    Banning a player now working :)
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    I would love this. I could have the other admins be able to IP ban without having to go into Terminal. :)
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    Sounds fantastic!
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    Banning IP now working :p
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    Cosmic Break

    how do i try this out?
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    Sounds good. Can I take a look?
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    Unreleased atm :p
    If you want, inbox me, but its horrenduously badly coded atm. It's more of a proof of concept.
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    I would be keen to crank this a go or 2.

    Providing it supports commands of plugins and does not conflict even if it requires an admin to be loged into the game.
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    Looks very promising, would love to test it out.
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    If you would like to add support for external functions (restarts, backups, etc) for servers using my wrapper, i'd be more than happy to help - and perhaps open up a few API functions as needed.
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    Woah! That would be awesome! I'll inbox you now
    --- merged: Feb 8, 2011 11:09 AM ---
    Thanks to the generous and helpful drdanick, I have been able to able to implement restarting through his API to

    To use this you will need the remotetoolkit wrapper installed.
    When he adds backups, milkBukkit should be able to backup the server as well :)
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    Yes it would be nice to see this Webinterface :D With a good design it were very cool :D
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    Starting to create the website.
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    Sounds great, can't wait to see it in action! :)
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    It sounds interesting, but "back-end only" makes me think of that furry guy who back-doored his admin tool.
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    Its backend for the moment, i'm developing the front end right now.
    --- merged: Feb 9, 2011 8:33 AM ---
    After like 30 minutes of work (im a noob at web design :p )
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    Hello David,

    I'm really curious to this as I've used McMyAdmin and I don't like that mod I'd rather this as it sounds much better would there be something I could test for you I have a dedicated server on a VPS that has webhosting.

    Also see when you stop the server is there a way to restart via this?

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    David Diaz, if you need someone to help you with icons and such, I can help, I am a web designer, have done some pretty nice projects, from which my best one can be seen here:

    Can make you all the icons needed and so on ;)
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    I guess bet me too it... if you guys want me to make it I can...
    --- merged: Feb 10, 2011 6:17 AM ---
    I'll still work on it :p I'll consider it a challenge. I'll be forking it to github once I can get the webserver to display the website. It's starting to get there :) And its awesome :D
    --- merged: Feb 10, 2011 7:40 AM ---
    Got the webserver to work properly :) MilkBukkit could be released soon :D
    --- merged: Feb 10, 2011 10:19 AM ---
    So, heres a new updated image: Everything is ajax and updates every 2 seconds. Everything you see in this screenshot works. :D
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    Ill open up some API commands to halt/start the server if you want.
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    Really? But doesnt the wrapper stop once the server stops? :O
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    I can stop that from happening on command ;)
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    Another problem is since this is a plugin, the plugin would be unloaded once halted.
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    How come you wouldn't be able to do it in a sense like mcmyadmin with it loading by a .exe which also lunches the server. wouldn't that be the best way of doing it (I know it defeats the point of being a plugin)
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    you could but i'm too lazy to create a wrapper that works on every system :(
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    But wouldn't that fix the issue of it not loading the plugin? and really the exe just needs a .sh file I think for linux.

    It's just I really want to use this over what im currently using
    even at its state now I'd much rather this :)
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    True, But you could have the web interface send the required UDP packet to my wrapper to start it up again.
    --- merged: Feb 10, 2011 2:01 PM ---
    An .sh file is a bash script, not a substitute for a Win32 executable. I'm willing to build in as much support as possible for my wrapper, but there are some things that you just can't access from a wrapper easily (Player count, inventories, server resource use, etc). It has far more flexibility as a plugin.
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    I guess I could have a webserver start up with only the start server enaabled, and when you press it it stops the webserver and starts the bukkit instance. When you stop it, just start the webserver again
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