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    Plugin category: Role playing

    Suggested name: Mianite

    What I want: I want a plugin that when u start u are frozen and have to type /mianite, /dianite or /ianite. After this you will be teleported to your own teams already generated temple. Player has M, D or I in front of their name depending what team they chose. Also a scoreboard with all online players names on with their total kills also a timer for the next purge. Teamates cant hit each other and cannot grief each other. Teams cant hit other team until the purge. Pretty much 90% if not more the same as syndicates server.

    Ideas for commands: /ianite /dianite /mianite. /purge time set (time until next purge)

    Ideas for permissions: I have no clue when it comes to perms so the only thing I would say is everyone can use /(their team) at the start when they spawn i for the first time and only ops can choose time till next purge.

    When I'd like it by: Next weekend if possible
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    I can do this for you but for the scoreboards try using InfoBoard.
    Give me 14 days though (2 weeks) because i have school :L
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    Cheers. really appreciated
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    I've already completed this, although it's a lot more comprehensive, as it doesn't require any player to act as the 'God'. There are prayer commands which work with either a randomized chance of being granted, or depending on the players 'prayer points' which are gained by killing mobs. You can check the whole request here (with the jar file): http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mianite.297065/#post-2752289

    I had a Bukkit Dev page with this plugin, although it got banned and I'm not too sure why. It said something to do with having an op backdoor, which I think means that I made myself an op, which I did in fact do, although this was used for testing purposes (I unopped myself occasionally to test certain things, and on reload it'd make me an op again) and apparently I forgot to remove the function when I uploaded it to Bukkit Dev. I'd appeal for the ban, although I'm not quite sure how. :(
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    ariaDEE To appeal for the ban try to find who banned you and talk to that person.
    And make a different plugin for your test server that will OP you with chat commands, or use the console. Just make sure that only you have that plugin.

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