Method to detec Fly-Hackers

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by YellowPhoenix18, Jan 21, 2015.

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    Hello, iam searching for a good Method to detec FlyHacker, i have worked with PlayerMoveEvent already,but my ideas dont work really good ;( Hase someone of you a good Method?

  2. @YellowPhoenix18 If there was a good way then fly hacks really wouldn't work on Amy server.
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    @YellowPhoenix18 Here's a start - check the distance from their previous position - if it is essentially "not possible" and their speed is not higher than 0.1/2 (Can't remember) Kick them, 3 kicks for a ban. Ect...
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    You could say something like
    if(player.isFlying() && player.getGameMode != GameMode.CREATIVE){
    and inside punish them however
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    @Rufus5 isFlying boolean is only true for creative gamemode flying not fly hacking.
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    @YellowPhoenix18 doesn't bukkit auto kick when you are flying in gamemode 0?
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    Bukkit have an AutoKick-Method,but i cant use this,because there is no method to catch this ;)
    Thanks @CraftCreeper6 & @Rufus5
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