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Discussion in 'Resources' started by Tster, Aug 3, 2011.

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    Please post your methods as a topic, and send me a message if you would like to include them here:

    Tster's damageCauseToString (open)

    Converts damage causes in to strings!
        public String damageCauseToString(DamageCause cause){
            if(cause.toString().equalsIgnoreCase(DamageCause.BLOCK_EXPLOSION.toString())){//if explosion by tnt
                return "Died from an explosion";
            else if(cause.toString().equalsIgnoreCase(DamageCause.DROWNING.toString())){//drowned in water
                return "Drowned to death";
            else if(cause.toString().equalsIgnoreCase(DamageCause.ENTITY_ATTACK.toString())){//killed by some entity
                return "Was brutally attacked";
            else if(cause.toString().equalsIgnoreCase(DamageCause.ENTITY_EXPLOSION.toString())){//killed by creeper
                return "Got nerfed by a creeper";
            else if(cause.toString().equalsIgnoreCase(DamageCause.FALL.toString())){//killed by fall damage
                return "Fell to there death";
            else if(cause.toString().equalsIgnoreCase(DamageCause.FIRE.toString())){//killed by inital fire
                return "Was burnt to death";
            else if(cause.toString().equalsIgnoreCase(DamageCause.FIRE_TICK.toString())){//killed by lingering
                return "Got smoked";
            else if(cause.toString().equalsIgnoreCase(DamageCause.LAVA.toString())){//killed by lava
                return "Went swimming in magma";
            else if(cause.toString().equalsIgnoreCase(DamageCause.LIGHTNING.toString())){//killed by lightning strike
                return "Was electrocuted";
            else if(cause.toString().equalsIgnoreCase(DamageCause.SUFFOCATION.toString())){//killed by suffocation (inside a block)
                return "Suffocated";
            else if(cause.toString().equalsIgnoreCase(DamageCause.VOID.toString())){//killed by going below the map
                return "Fell into the void";
            else if(cause.toString().equalsIgnoreCase(DamageCause.CONTACT.toString())){//killed by some type of contact
                return "Was squished";
            else if(cause.toString().equalsIgnoreCase(DamageCause.CUSTOM.toString())){//killed by some other know reason
                return "Strangely died";
            }else{//if no specific reason, just died, maybe a plugin set health to 0?
                return "Died";

    Coryf88's toBlock (open)

    Get the block that dropped an itemstack!
        public static ItemStack getDrop(Block block) throws RuntimeException {
            if (block == null) return null;
            int blockTypeId = block.getTypeId();
            if (blockTypeId < 1 || blockTypeId > 255) return null;
            try {
                net.minecraft.server.Block b = net.minecraft.server.Block.byId[blockTypeId];
                int typeId = b.a(blockTypeId, BlockHelper.random);
                if (typeId < 1) return null;
                int dropCount = b.a(BlockHelper.random);
                if (dropCount < 1) return null;
                Method m = BlockHelper.getMethod(b.getClass(), "a_", new Class[] {int.class});
                byte dropData = ((Integer)m.invoke(b, block.getData())).byteValue();
                return new ItemStack(typeId, dropCount, dropData);
            } catch (Exception e) {
                throw new RuntimeException("A severe error occured while retreiving the data dropped.", e);

    Bergerkiller's Move (open)

    Moves the given location in the direction it is looking!
    public static Location move(Location loc, Vector offset) {
            // Convert rotation to radians
            float ryaw = -loc.getYaw() / 180f * (float) Math.PI;
            float rpitch = loc.getPitch() / 180f * (float) Math.PI;
            //Conversions found by (a lot of) testing
            double x = loc.getX();
            double y = loc.getY();
            double z = loc.getZ();
            z -= offset.getX() * Math.sin(ryaw);
            z += offset.getY() * Math.cos(ryaw) * Math.sin(rpitch);
            z += offset.getZ() * Math.cos(ryaw) * Math.cos(rpitch);
            x += offset.getX() * Math.cos(ryaw);
            x += offset.getY() * Math.sin(rpitch) * Math.sin(ryaw);
            x += offset.getZ() * Math.sin(ryaw) * Math.cos(rpitch);
            y += offset.getY() * Math.cos(rpitch);
            y -= offset.getZ() * Math.sin(rpitch);
            return new Location(loc.getWorld(), x, y, z, loc.getYaw(), loc.getPitch());

    Coryf88's isRelativeTo (open)

    Checks if a block is relative to xyz and returns the block face!
    private BlockFace isRelativeTo(Block block, Material material) {
        BlockFace[] blockFaces = new BlockFace[] {BlockFace.UP, BlockFace.NORTH, BlockFace.WEST, BlockFace.EAST, BlockFace.SOUTH, BlockFace.DOWN};
        for (BlockFace blockFace : blockFaces) {
            if (block.getRelative(blockFace).getType() == material) {
                return blockFace;
        return null;
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    tha d0ctor

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    Now I remember why I made this, I need the relative to method now LD
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    Thanks for using my move function. :p
    Also, I got a giant class full of methods, but most use the 3D matrix class which makes it useless.

    Also, I think Bukkit should be a lot more open. You should be able to place your own functions in there, if needed in a separate class. It is useless to have the same functions in multiple plugins, and no one will ever reference an external library. It makes it 'less compatible'. The one thing I dislike about Bukkit...

    -Or someone starts a full-scale function plugin which other plugins can use. For example the 'Extras' Library, only got the idea no one uses it, thus no one references it. (that's in my case)
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