Meteor showers without and without commands

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    The way I envision this is for randomly sized chunks of burning netherrack to spawn at max height "fall" to the earth at a diagonal.

    Once the netherrack contacts a solid block it would cause a lightening strike on the contacted block.

    Possible additional options would be to have blocks at the edge of the explosion turn to coal, redstone or diamond ore depending on block struck.

    I would also like to see a configuration file to limit/change the max "meteor" diameter as well as the % chance of a meteor shower occurrence.

    Command integration would allow Admin to create showers for RP events.
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    This is a very nice idea!
    I would love to see this made into a plugin.
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    Thanks for taking a look.

    I've been considering how this might work for some time and the recent weather updates added lightening which can set fires to surrounding terrain without having to add anything to the code.

    So I figured I'd throw it out there.

    Any interest in picking this one up yourself?
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    Sure, first i got to finish my other plugin. But this will be next on my list.
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    That is awesome sir.

    What are you working on currently?
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    An standalone mail plugin.
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    Cool, great admin tool. Can I suggest adding an object to act as mailbox for that plugin? Would be neat to have to build say a fence post topped by two wood blocks with a redstone torch for a flag. Powered on if you have mail, off if you don't.
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    Indeed it is.
    I support this request!
    Also, I suggest a configurable min-max meteor radius and intervals of these 'showers'.
    And add a command that starts a meteor shower!
    LASTLY: The way to make these meteors 'move' would be to use the same kind of movement MoveCraft does.
    Otherwise I don't imagine most plugin devs. could create such an efficient block movement system.
    Thanks in advance!
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    Yeah you would have to have it move a block at a time via teleport but you can make it go diagonally by moving 1x,1y,1z each teleport.

    wouldn't want them all raining strait down

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    Yeah! This would be an amazing plugin! I would love to see this!
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    Thanks Dominic. I would develop myself but have 0 java experience. I will be asking a friend of mine (Kinsaka) to help with thos if Hretsam is too busy
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    I wanted to make this.
    But i am currently really busy with other plugin and personal stuff. So i cant do it right now
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    I understand. Kinsaka is taking a look but he's new to java. Let me know when you have time as this will most likely still be open.

    I understand that developing something like this takes time and that other things are currently a priority.

    If Kinsaka makes any headway you two should get together on this as your experience would be invaluable.

    Thanks for taking time to update me and I hope all is well with the personal stuff.
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    Well it looks like Kinsaka will be unable to complete the plugin due to getting a second job. He put some code together but didn't make it bukkit compatible so I have been unable to test it.

    I asked him to post the source code but not sure if he will have time to do even that.

    If you are still interested the plugin is yours.
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    another idea:
    maybe add a "magic wand" for meteors like in weatherman or commandbook for lightnings
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