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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by X0R0N, Mar 16, 2011.

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    i´m looking for a plugin working with permissions and worldguard defined regions, which shows a user defined message when entering a defined region (instant).

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    Take a look at EpicZones. It might overlap with some of WG's features though. I use EZ, but not WG.
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    EZ looks nice, but i cant set multiple owners for defined regions, and i cant set up things like creeper explosions etc.
    But i want that only owners of an region can build there.
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    Interesting Places, Namespaces
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    I'm not suggesting that EZ has all the features of WG. I fact, I am not at all familiar with WG since I haven't used it. I installed EZ specifically for the zone entry/exit announcements and it works great. My only suggestion was that you check it out and see if it does what you need.

    Regarding the points you mentioned, I did a quick scan of the EpicZones thread:
    • creeper explosions: each zone has an 'explode' setting. False will prevent terrain dmg. You can also turn off the various mob spawns in each zone (no creepers, only neutrals, etc)
    • multiple owners: I'd give zone rights to a group and then assign each user to that group
    • build permissions: set epiczones.[zonename].build for each user or group in your Permissions file
    If you do switch to EZ, the dev even has a nifty WG>>EZ converter for your WG configs. Good luck!
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    With namespaces and interesting places you can only name areas, but there is no message when entering them.
    Can someone code a plugin which can do this for World Guard regions? I dont want to give up WG.
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    WG 5 has 'notify-greet' and 'notify-farewall' messages.
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    Namespaces does give messages when entering. It hasn't been updated to the latest bukkit but was doing fine on 670.
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    world guard?
    /region flag [regionname] greeting [message you want to say]
    do not put the brackets in just change whats inside them to fit

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