Merged worlds (read to see what i mean)

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by cactuspy, Oct 27, 2021.

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    now, this is much less of an ask for a plugin, but to simply see if this is even possible as a plugin
    now im gonna be very limited when describing this as i dont want this to get taken down as advertisement

    now in my discord, every 3 days a vote happens to reset the world, if successful the world resets and you can keep # amount of items from an old inventory as you transfer to a new world, if you vote to keep the server then nothing happens, and 3 days from that the cycle repeats

    now the idea of this plugin is that if the player base decides to keep the world, then i can merge specific parts of the old world into this new one signifying that time is of the essence and the world is slowly decaying and merging with the world previously used

    now in the server in order to do such a thing, i would type,
    /decay {x of old world} {y of old world} {x in new world} {y in new world} [old world folder file path]
    now the restrictions would be that, Old world X - Old world Y = F, New world X - Old world Y = F
    basically meaning that the difference of each x and y value would have to be the same so the area deleted from the new world would be the perfect size for the piece in the old world

    now heres the question, would this even be possible, like is it possible for a plugin to delete large areas like this and replace them with a completely inactive part of another world
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    Hello Cactus, it should be possible just like anything is possible for example i have been told countless times that there is no way to install java with out admin even know that i was able to with a little bit of coding just like you could definitely do it if you tried hard enough and learn how to do it, it might be hard at first but eventually you will learn how to program java and use programs like Mcreator or Visual bukkit or Intellij whatever fits you the most. If you have any further questions just reply to this message i am here to help.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @Dumnersm It is a plugin request though.
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    ok sorry i was just trying to tell him that it was possible since he was just asking if it was didn't mean to mix anything up.
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