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    I saw this server with a plugin that you do a command and it shows this Menu GUI. There are 9 blocks/items, and they correspond to a warp. I want a plugin like this, where you do /mg to get this menu! Like you can Click the "Survival Games" block, and you go to /warp SG!
    2013-04-10_21.01.58.png 2013-04-10_21.01.58.png

    I checked the /? Menu, and the plugin I found was a non-existing plugin- so it was a custom one.

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    I would be interested in this.
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    If I got answered, that would be great :)
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    It's definetly a private plugin, I don't believe there are any on Bukkit, but the BukkitAPI provides fairly easy methods to do it.
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    haha, im well known on that server ;)

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    Like ccrama said, it was probably ItemMenu. If it wasn't in the /plugin list, it was probably hidden by a plugin-hiding plugin.
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    They use a custom plugin called "MenuCommander". I want to be able to use /mg to pop up this menu, and only 9 slots like the screenshots I displayed.

    Woo! I am a VIP, and I am so inspired from mcorigins :D
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    I want it too! : s
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    Nope. It just opens up and executes a command when you click the item that you state in the config
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    Try ServerHub its the same but you can get more slots.
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    Dude do you still want this? i have coded something like this before for a private server? i can make it fully customization in a config and you can choose when you click on something it does something whatever you want, pm me for more information.

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