Memory Leak... maybe?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Giinger, May 27, 2012.

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    Recently, I have been getting a Read Timed Out error on my server. I noticed that the ram usage when I started the server was low, as it should be, then slowly built up. The ram usage never went down when I started it, it just went up. At first, I thought this was a plugin issue, then I took all the plugins off and white-listed it and changed the port so nobody could join. It still did this, so I renamed the world and loaded up another one. Still did it, no plugins and not the same world. Then I changed from CraftBukkit to vanilla, still the same thing, the ram usage never dropped, only built up.

    Here is a chart of the ram usage:

    The points on there where it goes down is when the server is restarting.

    What I have tried doing:
    • I have tried doing a memtest to see if it was bad ram, the ram checked out fine.
    • Checking the SSD to see if something was wrong, nothing.
    • Updating the OS version, nothing.
    • Downgrading Java to JRE 6.0 instead of JDK 7.0
    There might be some more things that I've tried, but I can't remember them right now.
    I'm honestly stumped here, I can't think of anything that's going wrong.
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    I had a similar problem due to bad RAM.
    The memtest found problems, but it wasn't actually a bad RAM stick: the RAM slots on my motherboard were fried.

    However, the memtest did locate the problem, leaving me without any ideas for your problem.
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    Yeah I read through that thread but nothing seemed to work. Ik the jvm manages the RAM usage not minecraft but it should at least release some ram every once and a while right?
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