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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by sammy0025, Jun 22, 2012.

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    Hey guys, I'm just wondering, how should I allocate more memory to a CraftBukkit server if I am using RemoteToolkit? I know the startup file for RemoteToolkit is just memory allocation for the wrapper. I am on Linux Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit with 64-bit Java as well. Should I add a -Xincgc and -d64 flag to the wrapper to save RAM, and at the same time, how should I allocate more memory to the server itself? I did a free memory check command and found out that I have around 2GB on a cold boot. Thanks in advance.

    Just saying, the server crashes very often (every 6 hours). I don't want such a high downtime. I have quite a lot of plugins installed, logging, rollback, anti explosion and fire spread, permissions plugin, auto server announcements, etc. how can I prevent crashes? I regularly make sure the computer does not overheat, and restarts it with the server. Now players are also annoyed because the stuff they built are gone after map corruption after server crashes. I thought Linux is the most stable OS in this world?

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    Hello there,
    I'm Ashley from Bukkit Assistance and I'm here to help you out
    Did you install Remote Toolkit in order to use a Manager (Spacebukkit or any other)?

    add me on Skype to get Assistance
    Skype: ashleydaninck
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    Sammy, maybe it isn't good to add biased information here.... but I suspect it being the mob grinders our players are using. [creeper] [creeper] [creeper] [creeper] [creeper] [creeper] [creeper] [creeper] [creeper] [creeper] [creeper]

    Edit: It's down again. :mad:

    Edit-edit: It's up :D
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