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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by matt4471, Mar 9, 2012.

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    Okay So I have a Bukkit Server running Latest Recommended Build and I set up Towny. Everything Works good except none of my memebers can do anything in the wild. I gave them all the perms (towny.wild.*), set the main config to TRUE for building in unclaimed, and I also set it to TRUE in the worldconfig. Anyone have a solution to this problem? Thanks!
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    Yes I have had this problem forever now! I do not want to make everyone OPS!! I'm running Bukkit 1.6 the latest I could find. Towny 0.75.1, iconomy, Essentials (chat,protect,spawn) and register. Please help me, which config file do i need to edit and where in the config file to I need to edit it? I've tried everyone with no success. Very frustrating.
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    I've realized that being new to Bukkit has me baffled by the code. I have no idea how to change the nodes in towny.wild*
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    Sorry ajallan246 Look at the dates of these posts, NO ONE has replied with any help. I'm very disappointed with the support.
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    notafinger we're not your slave.
    Post your Towny config files & permissions.
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    I realize you are not my slave. I just wanted a little bit of support. I thought people came here for support. Ok guys here is your answer. type
    /townyworld set wildperm build destroy switch itemuse
    That finally worked for me. Depending on what permission system you are using. I now know why this is not enabled on default towny. I guess on servers people do not let people 1st joining destroy until they rank up or read the rules or etc...
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    Ok also I figured out that Bukkit has its own permission built in. You need to add true
    We just rebuilt our server after 1.3 and were having the same issue again. Now finally fixed! Noble Dynasty is the server Hope this helps someone
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