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    ZombieDeaths - The Undead have Awoken!
    Version: 0.1 Download: Link Source: Github


    Spawns zombies when a player dies! Great for all occasions including:
    • When spawn campers are annoying the crap out of your players
    • When you want to take revenge on the guy who killed you
    • When you want to have a bit of fun
    • Zombies spawn when a player dies
    • Make those zombies invincible to sunlight (easy peasy)
    • Config to choose what mob comes out of the player
    • Plugin released

    Come on... nobody likes it? :D

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  2. Maybe add a command to toggle this?
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    interesting! maybe a config to choose what mobs spawn. Id Prefer Ghasts To give it that Poltergeist Feel. :p
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    This is an interesting concept; leaving a mob behind when you die, but your own reasonings aren't terrific. Surely having git spawn AT spawn is bad? Especially if the 'no sun damage' bit is on? Sure it would die eventually, but it might cause hastle to people before then to people who aren't spawn-camping or whatever. Revenge? Hardly, if he just killed you all he has to do is run off (zombies aren't exactly marathon runners). Mayhem is better.
    I'd say this is more to add a feel of danger to your server, knowing that you have to watch out for people or you'll have a zombie spawn from their corpse. The idea of a ghast spawning whenever someone dies is terrifying if you build the open-plan cities my server is full of, it would wreak havoc before we could kill it.
    Personally I wouldn't use a mod like this; I have precious little memory for mods so I have to choose carefully, but I like the idea and I do support it. Customiseable mobs would be very nice though.
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    I'm working on customizing what pops out. :) And you could always do /butcher.
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    I could, this is true, but I play just like everyone else... all the commands ('cheat' commands) I save for if I need to do admin-type stuff, not just regular play stuff.
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    maybe another option could be invincible to anything but sunlight... idk maybe that's a terrible idea when you think of it
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    That's the horror of it -- it's meant to scare people :p

    I haven't implemented the invincibility to sunlight yet, by the way.
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    Nice plugin. Another way to bring the revenge out of players, like you have two lives, you lost one, you comeback as a zombie.
    Another idea:
    If the spawn-campers killed the zombie if invincibility isn't on for melee and ranged damage, it should spawn two more, making more zombies of a threat to those spawn-campers.
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    Could you like to iconomy and then set value levels for what spawns.
    So if i pay 100, next time i die a zombie spawns.
    I pay 200 and next time a skeleton spawns and so on....

    Maybe even as much as 5 at at time?
    So if i pay 500, next time i die 5 zombies spawn.
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    Interesting, you and me had the same idea :) Almost exactly the same code is part of a plugin I'm working on myself that makes all the monsters stronger and gives them special abilities.

    Nice job though man :)
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    I can't wait to see your plugin. If it's good I'll have people use that one instead. :)

    I'll see what I can do.

    I could do that, but the point of the plugin was mainly to keep killers under control. 5 zombies from one body isn't very realistic, either. :p
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    @AlbireoX my request wasnt made for realism, but mayhem!
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    Then maybe I should make a new plugin: revenge! :p Maybe when I finish my RPG plugins and all or I get bored.
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    I'd make the player spawn a slime because they're so rare to find and I could use the slime xD
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    Well at least consider this idea!!!!

    Using Iconomy to purchase what spawns after you die...only 1 of course!
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    i like it, wanna the features: Zombies spawn when a player dies *-*
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    Update the plugin to latest recommended build and change the title accordingly.
    Failure to do so will result in this moving to INACTIVE section.
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    Fun and adds flair :) Maybe spawn Skeleton if -> player death=burn ?
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    this is soo cool
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    any plans to add multi world support? I just want this to happen in 1 of my worlds not all of them.

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    Yeah i searched a ling time to find such a plugin.
    Only permission support is missing.
    The creatures you can changch in the source... ;)

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    Looks good; trying it out!
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    @Plague I know you know this is your type of plugin. :)
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    what now?
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    Just put invincible to sun in the config. Otherwise, cool idea dude, might use when I feel luke having some fun with my friends.
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    AWESOME way to deal with spawn campers. Thank you.
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    Great idea!
    But I would also like to have a Provoked ZombiePigman Spawn, so:
    when do you think next version will be out (days, weeks, months)?
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    You should make it possible to make spawned mobs stronger.

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