Inactive [MECH] XSigns v0.8 - Switch Signtext with Redstonecurrent or create Counters [1.2.4-R1.0]

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    XSigns - Switch text with redstonecurrent:
    Version: v0.8

    When you place a sign you may type on each line <phrase1|phrase2>.

    On redstonecurrent phrase2 is shown otherwise phrase1

    See here:

    Big XSigns
    You can create XSigns with more text.
    First place your Sign and write

    finish the sign, break it and put it on the same place.
    And then write

    Youtube: Big XSigns

    Toggleable XSigns
    Start wie a Big XSign, but you can place as many |PhraseX| as you want,
    finish with |LastPhrase>

    Youtube: Toggleable XSign

    If you want to count something, just write [counter] in one line.
    This will create a counter which will be increased with a falling
    redstone current.

    Youtube: XSign Counter

    1. Download the zip or the jar file (the .zip includes flexjson)
    2. Put the XSigns.jar in your plugins folder.
    3. XSigns needs flexjson-2.1 download it or get it with the .zip
    4. Place flexjson-2.1 in your lib/ folder
    5. Enjoy :)
    1. Just replace the XSigns.jar
    • switch text on signs with redstonecurrent
    • create counters
    Download(.zip | .jar)
    Source Code

    Version 0.8
    • 1.2.4-R1.0 compatible
    Version 0.7
    • Minecraft 1.5_2 compatible
    Version History (open)

    Version 0.6
    • toggleable XSigns
    • [counter] command for building counters
    Version 0.5
    • Now it works with Wall Signs with current from the back
    Version 0.4
    • Big XSigns added
    Version 0.3
    • better Multiworld support
    Version 0.2
    • Now should work like any other redstone device
    Version 0.1
    • Release

    INFO (Bug/Issue Tracking)
    I'm not very active in the Forum, and sometimes a bit inactive. But I will maintain the Plugin nevertheless. I use GitHub, so if you find a bug, please create a ticket on

    Thank you :)
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    This is an awesome and useful plugin! :D
    Could you give it a count down timer?
    (forexample i set it to 30 sec and when it touches redstone starts counting down... it would be cool :D)
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    need update :)
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    I updated my Testserver now to 1.2.4, so I will update soon :)
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    Update is out now :)
    Downloadlinks are updated.
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    Yes!!! 1.2.4, GREAT:D
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    If you have shops you could mark them as open or closed very easily. I'll try this plugin! ;)
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    Hey, nice plugin! : D But I'm having some issues with big and toggable xsigns. When I break them after typing '<text1|', it says "half XSign created" and then "please build the other part of the XSign", but when I create the other half there is no confirmation and the sign only shows text1.

    I've tried entering both '|text2>' and 'text2>' on the other half, with no luck (I do realize the second one shouldn't work, but it didn't hurt to try I figured xD).
    I've checked the log files which gives no error messages, even tho I don't have debugging mode enabled :\
    But the most scary part was not finding any information about this on the internet, which may suggest it's not a common problem and thus may be hard to fix =( I did however find one person on the bukkit dev page for this plugin (located here: that has the same problem, but there is no answer yet.

    If anyone got any insight into what could be wrong and/or how to fix it, please tell me, as I want this awsome addition to my server :p


    Edit: I tried enabling debugging mode to see if there were any errors, there were none :\
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    Good evening, I really respect everything that was asked. in my console, I clearly states:

    6:45:49 p.m. [INFO] [XSigns] Enabling XSigns v0.8.0
    6:45:49 p.m. [INFO] XSigns info: 0 XSigns loaded
    6:45:49 p.m. [INFO] XSigns version 0.8.0 is enabled!

    Yet in game it means nothing to me when I create my panel.

    I tried:

    and nothing, no sign of life of the plugin.

    I hope you can find out.

    I use bukkit 1.2.5R1.3.

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    Ich habe dieses Plugin nun schon lange installiert und es verursacht ziemlich viel ram auslastung :(
    Siel liegt bei mir bei 80-100% und macht es für mich unmöglich das Plugin weiter zu benutzen D:
    Gibt es einen weg dies zu verbessern/verändern?
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    You dont use the sign colon(the : sign) or semicolon( ; ), you use the sign known as verticle bar(yay google!). It's written in different forms, so on this forum it appears as a straight line |, but inside minecraft it appears almost as two dots (like the colon, so I see your confusion). I'm not sure about US, or even standard EUR keyboards, but on my keyboard it's located to the left of the number 1 button ^^

    Hope this helps clear things up! If you're still wondering: this is the sign you should use
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    You are right, there is a Bug in the new Version.
    I will fix this soon.

    Wie viel RAM hat dein Minecraft und wie viele XSigns sind bei dir im einsatz?
    Zum testen müsste ich noch wissen welche Plugins du noch installiert hast.
    Konnte bisher keinen RAM Unterschied im Betrieb feststellen.
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    hm... how do you install this? The instructions are quite vague. Thanks.
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    Aaalso, Ich hab 1000mb ram aufm server und ca 7 xSigns drauf.
    Ich glaube die ram auslastung liegt an flexjson.
    Das soll angeblich ziemlich ram fressen.
    Ich werd es auf jeden fall nochmal ausprobieren, da ich das plugin ECHT mag ;)
    Wenn du magst kannst du ja auch einfach vorbei kommen und selber gucken!

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  16. This would be such a great plugin if only it worked after the map segment had been reloaded.
    It works immediately but then you leave the place and return to the place it becomes just a normal sign
    with no special properties. Please fix this, and when you do email me [email protected] , I would love to support your plugin's development.
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    Should be fixed now :)
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    Create a 'lib' folder in your plugins folder,and put the flexjson here.

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