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  1. WStone - More than just another wireless redstone plugin:
    Version: 0.7

    Moved to:

    Version 0.7
    • Added distance.
    • Added weather.
    • Added optional Stargate support.
    • Added optional Wormhole X-Treme support.
    • Added chunk control.
    • Included a bugfix from addchild314.
    • Included a bugfix from enelar.
    • Rewrote WStoneConnect.
    • Fixed a couple of bugs.
    Version 0.6
    • Added real private networks (requested by enelar).
    • Added a network grouping system (requested by enelar).
    • Added WStoneConnect.
    • Cleaned up codes and rewrote some parts.
    Version 0.5
    • Fixed the bug reported by WiLiSH.
    Version 0.4
    • Added pemissionsBukkit support.
    • Finally added the last bits for exact current transmission. Plan that into your circurits!
    • Changed the output block from redstone repeater to redstone dusk.
    • Cleaned up code a lot.
    Version 0.3
    • Fixed many bugs. Sorry for the previous release.
    Version 0.2
    • Changed output from redstone torch to redstone repeater.
    • Changed the way receivers are build.
    • Made the output work correctly. ;)
    • Changed WStones/Networks loading code (should work for sure now).
    Version 0.1
    • First public release.
    Older downloads:
    Download v0.6
    Download v0.5
    Download v0.4
    Download v0.3
    Download v0.2
    Download v0.1

    If you want to help developping: Read this first!

    Bug Reports, Improvements and/or Feature-Requests welcome!
  2. Doesn't look so. Try to download craftbukkit 1000 or 1060 again, please. :)

    To the alpha testers: Redownload please. :)
    Did anybody check the weather support (raining/snowing = max. distance 750, storm = 500)?

    The current dev version is the first release candidate! If nobody finds bugs and we if we won't see inception with a API soon it will be released as 0.7!

    To the alpha testers:
    Is anybody alive? I thought I had less work with the help of alpha testers but till now I have more work. :(

    @all This new dev release is just a bugfix release and if you're asking why I'm not sure if the testers are still alive: Till now they have reported 0 bugs (okay, a bit more, but that were features/unfixable bugs)... :(

    • Fixed weather.
    • Fixed Stargate/Wormhole X-Treme/WStone interaction, so now it's finally possible to send a signal from a WStone transmitter to a Stargate, to a WStone repeater, to a Wormhole X-treme to a Stargate, to... :D
    • Fixed a few minor bugs I don't remember.
    BTW: A new video:

    //EDIT: This is the last chance for feature requests in 0.7!
    Which means there will be a release today...

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    LoL... read PM... there was so much requests.

    I cant check with so large distances. Please add conf file.
    P.S still using 0.6.1
  4. There where a few, yes, but my reply was that there's a new dev version and all the bugs you've found have to be re-checked against this...

    There are a lot teleport plugins out there. How do you think I tested it? And I had to test it all alone, you told something about a server with many users...
    For the conf file: I don't like conf files. But if more people want this...
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    I've noticed that this plugin doesn't allow chunks that the signs are in to unload. Is this necessarily? It is very annoying to have messages "[wstone] has prevented chunk from unloading" all the time. It also causes some lag.
  7. Well...
    Alpha testers wanted!
    for Wstone 0.8!

    If you want to be one, simply write why I should choose you. :)

    Here's a first preview Video:

    I hope enelar likes it (configuration without config files...). :D
    This is not true for all signs, only for transmitters and repeaters. This is because if they would unload they couldn't transmit anymore and so the receivers wouldn't receive anything. I could make it configurable, but do you really want this?

    //EDIT: I could also remove the message from the logs but do you want a plugin doing things you don't know about? ;)
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    I see your point, I think you should allow people to choice if they want it to keep chunks loaded and if they want it to come up on the console. I just want to add, that other than this. I love your plugin it has proved to be VERY! useful
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    Maybe, you should just add in config option "log level"? (NOTICE/WARN/ERROR)

    And... wow
    Why not? You can keep in memory only repeater block[as one object - his coordinates+state, etc], not all chunk with him, or i wrong?
    And i think, there having a little optimisation - if chunk with reciever unloaded - you may unlock all chunks with all network.

    You may configurate it without config - in code XD

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    I wish i new java better :/
  11. I'll add config options for that. :)

    Yes, or debug mode, or something similar...
    If I think about it you could be right, but transmitters will need the chunk... :)
    Sorry, I don't understand...
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    If here noone who could see recieve result - unload him.
  13. So if a transmitter/receiver has no connected receiver/repeater I should unload it? Then I also had to load the chunk for every transmitter/repeater in the same network and in the range of a newly created repeater. Could get complicated, but maybe...

    Changelog for WStone 0.8:
    - Added optional Inception support (still a WIP as Inceptions API isn't finished).
    - Made the max. distance configurable (requested by enelar).
    - Cleaned up chunk control (bug report by enelay).
    - Added verbose mode (requested by Serubin323).
    - Made chunk control configurable (requested by Serubin323).
    - Randomly fixed bugs.
    - Reworked the command parser.
    - Moved the command parser in a own class.
    - Started to add some more comments to the sources.

    In 0.8 the max. distance calculation will be a bit more complicated:
    The distance for every single world the signal will pass trough is calculated (based on the weather, rain/snow: 75%, storm: 50%). So if you transmit a signal through multiple worlds your max. distance for that can vary very much. :D

    If anybody has a new idea simply tell it. WStone 0.8 won't get released till Inception 0.4 is out or it has more new features!

    I reworked the command processor a bit so that it handles commands from the console better.
    Here's a example output:
    Show Spoiler
    01:22:59 [INFO] [WStone] Inception 1.04dev0.7 found! Using
    01:22:59 [INFO] [WStone] Stargate 0.6.2 found! Using
    01:22:59 [INFO] [WStone] Wormhole X-Treme 1.011 found! Using
    01:22:59 [INFO] [WStone] 3 Transmitters, 1 Receivers and 3 Repeaters resetted
    01:22:59 [INFO] [WStone] 4 Networks initialized
    01:22:59 [INFO] [WStone] v0.8 enabled
    >wstone help
    wstone help
    01:23:28 [INFO] [WStone] WStone Help:
    01:23:28 [INFO] [WStone]
    01:23:28 [INFO] [WStone] WStone networks
    01:23:28 [INFO] [WStone]   List networks
    01:23:28 [INFO] [WStone] WStone distance
    01:23:28 [INFO] [WStone]   Change the maximum distane
    01:23:28 [INFO] [WStone] WStone verbose
    01:23:28 [INFO] [WStone]   Toggle verbose mode
    01:23:28 [INFO] [WStone] WStone cc
    01:23:28 [INFO] [WStone]   Toggle chunk control
    01:23:28 [INFO] [WStone] WStone help
    01:23:28 [INFO] [WStone]   Show this help
    >wstone networks
    wstone networks
    01:23:47 [INFO] [WStone] WStone 0.8 Networks:
    01:23:47 [INFO] [WStone]
    01:23:47 [INFO] [WStone] Stargate (1)
    01:23:47 [INFO] [WStone] 0.8 (1) (private: andysteph)
    01:23:47 [INFO] [WStone] dev (4)
    01:23:47 [INFO] [WStone] 0.8 (1)
    >wstone distance 500
    wstone distance 500
    01:24:12 [INFO] [WStone] Changed max. distance to 500 Blocks
    >wstone cc
    wstone cc
    01:25.21 [INFO] [WStone] Chunk control deactivated
    01:25:21 [INFO] [WStone] Requested 27 chunks to unload
    >wstone cc
    wstone cc
    01:25:53 [INFO] [WStone] Chunk control activated
    01:27:53 [INFO] [WStone] 24 chunks loaded
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    Thank you for the update! Also could i be an alpha tester? I think i could be of help.
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    Whats the maximum distance of transmission?
    I'm trying to make a railstation system with it.
  16. Currently it's 1000 Blocks but in 0.8 it will be configurable and default to 500.
    Please note that weather has a direct effect on that distance: Rain/Snow: 75%, storm: 50%. This doesn't work perfect in 0.7 but will do in 0.8 (which will also have Inception support for better multiworld handling). ;)
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    Hey, awesome plug-in, but we have a bit of a bug. We run a small server and only 2 of 20 use WStone, but we have noticed a bug that when we make a link and put an on state through it doesn't receive and when we take the on state out the receiver gives an on state, similar to an inverter or not gate. Just wondering if you're aware or have fixed this bug. We are still running 0.6 currently but we will update soon. Also somehow implementing a set delay into each sign would be awesome, instead of us making a huge delay room, like making sign with the name d0.2 have a delay of 0.2 seconds automatically.
    Thanks DeccyBrus
  18. Please update to 0.7 now and if the error is still present wait for 0.8 to be released because 0.8 has massive code changes and it could be hard to fix a bug from 0.6/0.7 now. :)
    If it will be present in 0.8 please look in the logs for any errors.
    Well, I don't know if I will implement this, have you ever asked that question to somebody making redstone circurits? But maybe you will see a new plugin called "delayStone, DStone" or something else soon... ;)
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    Cool looking plugin. I'm going to try it out directly!

    Here's a thought, presumably you know what chunks receivers and transmitters are on. Rather than leaving the transmitter chunks loaded all the time, would it be possible to only load the transmitter chunk when a chunk with the receiver in it loads?
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    Offcourse not! You could store all network nodes in file. When player request chunk with deactive reciever you load all network nodes. No need to search node in all blocks in range... just store...
    If you didnt understand me please google howto store graph data (

    P.S still using 0.6.1 :p
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    Nice plugin, but is their a time delay? Eg. 1 tick before
    The reciver turn on or is it instant?
  22. True, I was a bit groggy when I read what you wrote and then I didn't think about it till now... ;)
    So... What's your problem with 0.7? :D
    If it's not to complicated and we have enough time I will implement this in 0.8 but right now I can't really think about it but have some things like Stargates and/or Wormholes in mind which are used in the network, too but which aren't (and will never be) under WStones chunk control.
    Instant and I don't think it's the job of a wireless redstone plugin to add a delay but maybe I'll write a new plugin which adds a stone doing exactly this soon...
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    I cant using this version right now, because imma too bisy for developing, and I need configuration files for max distance. Maybe later.
  24. You won't get a conf. file, only a in-game configuration (or you can try to edit the savefile for yourself) in 0.8 :)
    Am I allowed to ask what you develop?
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    Thank you for the help, update going to be carried out by the main mod soon, should fix it.
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    Love the mod, and it has helped immensely as it makes it easier to hide redstone in walls and such.

    Problem is, that everytime i shut down my server, none of the Wstone networks are saved, so the signs are there but they are not functional :/
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    Can u make it so i can just pop one of these signs directly on a piston set it to be a receiver and it works? im trying to make a compact farm and this would be great!
  28. Okay, from the time you start up the server to the moments you build WStones to the point you're stopping the server: Is there anything "abnormal" in the server logs? If so: Please post it. If not: After the server has stopped (you had to build some WStones in the online session) could you provide the files in plugins/WStone/ or the file plugins/ (depends on the version you are using) ?

    And: which version of WStone and Craftbukkit are you using?

    So you want a special piston receiver to spare one block? Sorry, but I don't think this would ever happen...
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    attached the server log, if you could spare some time. i do not have much experience with bukkit yet unfortunately. I am using the Up to date of both the server and the plugin.

    Attached Files:

  30. This log looks... strange.. How are you stopping the server, with a SIGKILL? :confused:
    Try to stop the server with "/stop" in-game or "stop" from the console.
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    that did help alot, thanks.

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