[Mech]VineControl V0.08- Puts you in total control over your vines[1.0.1-R1]

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    This project can be found on BukkitDev:


    VineControl limits the growth/spread of vines in various, configurable ways.

    this plugin was started because a while ago i was looking for something that would stop vines from growing.
    i could not find anything to do this, only people requesting a plugin like it.
    so since i learned java and wrote my first plugin, i figured i'd give it a shot.

    VineControl aims to give you total control over your vines..
    how long they wil be...
    where they dont grow...
    if they grow at all!!!
    and much more...

    if you find any bugs, errors or annoyances please let me know!

    use this plugin to:

    * Configure vinegrowth ingame
    * WorldGuard Region support
    * keep vines from reaching the ground
    * limit vines to a maximum length
    * disable vinegrowth on certain blocks
    * slow down or completely stop vinegrowth
    * make vines grow by using bonemeal on them
    * implement a maximum lentgh to cut off the vine when it reaches a limit
    * keep your vines pretty

    Installing this plugin:

    * drop VineControl.jar in your plugins folder
    * restart your server
    * Vinecontrol is now running whit default configuration
    * to change the configuration, edit /plugins/VineControl/config.yml while the server is not running, or use the commands
    * description of config: http://dev.bukkit.or.../configuration/
    * description of commands: http://dev.bukkit.or...pages/commands/


    * Polishing error-messages
    * optional use of sqlite for configuration
    * release?

    Licencse - All rights reserved.

    meaning nobody is allowed to do do anything!!!!


    server admins that do not get an income or donations out of their server are free to use VineControl.

    everyone else, for all the other purposes, please pm me or comment,

    Download: http://dev.bukkit.or...ds/vinecontrol/
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    Would you be able to do the same for grass growth (slowing down the growth, not restricting the amount of grass that will grow)?
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    The proper title for the new RB system is [1.0.1.-R1]

    Also you are not permitted to use a dash to indicate all builds between are supported, only choose the latest RB that is supported.
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    i build v0.06 of this plugin against 1559 or something not 1.0.1-R1 as it was not released yet...
    at that time 1559 WAS the proper title. and since i didn't test or build it for 1.0.1-r1 it was the latest RB supported.

    since my plugin is updated i updated this page and removed the dash, hope your happy now :)
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    Nice idea/plugin, might want to work on post grammar though.
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    srry i'm a programmer not a linguist, if you want to, however, pm me a modified version of the post, and i'd more then happy to update it
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    This plugin is conflicting with the WorldEdit plugin.

    If I use WorldEdit to create a cuboid selection, when I type //expand, I get a java error. Removing vine control gets rid of the error.

    I am using Minecraft 1.1 with WorldEdit 5.0

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    Hey, great plugin, but would it be possible to add support for sideways growth? I think that's the most annoying problem with vines, I don't mind them growing downwards but when they spread infinitely across walls it drives me nuts :<

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