Inactive [MECH] UnderwaterTorch - Torches (and more!) stay Underwater/Lava [1.2.5-R1.2]

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    UnderwaterTorch - Torches stay Underwater/UnderLava
    Version: v2.31

    This plugin lets you place torches underwater. Very lightweight. Requested here.

    Heres a quick video:

    • Allows placing of torches underwater, because you dont always have pumpkins or glowstone with you.
    • Also allows for the items under Lava
    • Also keeps minecart Track, minecart booster track, minecart detector track, Redstone Torches, Levers, buttons, redstone, and redstone repeaters from breaking
    • Great for redstone builders who don't want their creations washed away

    Source Code - Not up yet


    Version 2.31
    • Added a config file with block type options
    • Fixed infinite redstone glitch

    Version 2.2
    • 1.2.5 compatibility
    • Able to place redstone underwater (not usually allowed)
    Version 2.1
    • Minecraft 1.2.3
    Version 2.0
    • Updated officially to 1.8.1 (Bukkit 1337)
    • Added a couple more objects to be unbreakable
    Version 1.2
    • Minecart Special tracks
    • Redstone/Redstone Torches
    Version 1.1
    • Lava doesn't break torches
    • Minecart tracks don't break
    Version 1
    • Release
    • Suggest other things to not break?
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    Ill make sure i get this for my server :D

    Edit: Lava no breaky!
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    Could make so many cool things ....
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    Wow I Didn't Know Anyone Was nice enough to actually make this plugin.
    And Thanks Because Iv Needed This Plugin for a long time now and your amazing for that......
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    how long have you been coding
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    I started learning Java less than 3 weeks ago. Why?
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    what why dont u just use Pumpkins?
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    Its very hard to find pumpkins, and torches are just so much easier to use.
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    3 weeks? This gives me hope that I can learn something XD
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    Watch thenewboston's java tutorials on youtube. And in the plugin development section theres some tutorials on basic plugins.
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    Oh goodness. There's so many Q.Q
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    [water]+[torch]=Torch Under Water!!!!!!
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    Mighty Mackinac

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    Simple plugin worth my time to download :D
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    Is it possible to add the feature, that Booster-Rails also work under water?
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    I will add that, my server is still on 1.4 so I forgot about it :p
    EDIT: Added in 1.2
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    I know this may sound silly but how does this work with minecarts? If I sit in a Minecart can I actually move underwater?! If so how fast is it?
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    You'll need boosters more often (the glitch side by side or the new tracks), but it works.
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    @Dreadreaver It's as fast as normal.

    Can you explain me how this works? I don't understand the glitch, sorry.
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    Download doesn't work..
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    Does it go normal speed? I haven't used it underwater more than once tbh, but cool.
    Also, the Glitch is explained here
    Works fine for me, tested on 3 computers and 3 different internet services.
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    Don't work me, just says download your file processing your download "nothing" download your file.. on and on Lol
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    @itsatacoshop247 Sorry, I've read the false answer, you already answered me ^^.
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    Could you please add pressure plates to place under water?
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    I love this plugin really well made! So nice to be able to see under water.

    Oh yeah join my free build hamachi server
    hamachi name Minecraft for fun!!
    pass monkey
    hope you join!

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    Mighty Mackinac

    Hey itsatacoshop, could you please add your plugin to CraftBukkitUpToDate? Great Plugin, thanks!
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    Could you please add Buttons and Levers? Water buckets break my player's switches!
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    can u add buttons to be aloud underwater?
  29. Works with Bukkit 818 yet? :p
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    I think i'm not in the country you're in so there's some network problem so i can't get access to mediafire so i hope you could add a download mirror(say, on dropbox) , thx!

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