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  1. 100% server side mod, no client mod needed!

    More Information + Download


    * Health regen from full hunger bar removed, health can only be regenerated by golden apples/health potions
    * Golden apple recipe changed from gold nuggets to gold ingots and glistering melon recipe changed from gold nugget to a gold block
    * Ghasts have a chance to drop gold ingots instead of ghast tears (removes regen potions)
    * Playerlist shows players health level with colours
    * Can scatter everyone on the server or a single player with set parameters (radius, centre coords and world)
    * Allows the world to generate with a bedrock wall at a certain radius

    * Enderpearls cause no damage on teleport (defaults to causing damage)
    * Death messages can have a prefix (defaults to changing the message to red)
    * Dead players get stuck by fake lightning (defaults to off)

    More Information + Download
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    Not hardcore enough, have it wipe the server's harddrive when all the players die.
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  4. yessir
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    Make it ban when someone dies! That would be cool!
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    oh man thats like ultra hard core
    i LIKE IT!
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    I need alot of help right Now Please Having major problems Please someone help me
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    Cant help with no info. Also, before i dload, is ban time configurable? And is it possible to make it ban from one world for x-amount of time?
    Weve got a number of different worlds, and im looking for a plugin that just bans from one.
  10. At the moment there is no ban, but I'm looking to add that next after making the config and yes it'll be configurable. As for per world, I have no idea how to do it but I'm sure it'd be possible so I'll look into it.
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    My craftbukkit is loading up right I tried redownloading it multiple time and it still dont work
  12. No, let it wipe the players bankaccount. :p
  13. Version 0.3.2 for 1.2.4 is now ready, available at please report any bugs you may find using this

    Changes from current version:
    • Chat damages no longer include how the player was damaged/by who - working on getting that back, lost in a rewrite to make things simpler
    • Chat damage spam from damages that didn't actually happen are now removed - fixes bug with slimes/wolves/lava/contact/login invincibility/0 damages
    • Config file to toggle all the major features
    • Food level can be hidden from the client so that they do not know when they are going to starve, configurable
    • Chat/Playerlist now take into account player armour and blocking state
    • Kick/Ban on death, config to turn on/off for now
  14. 0.3.5 now up new features:

    Added first time spawn randomness, configurable in config.yml. If using circular spawning the player will be spawned within the set radius in config.yml of the world spawn. Due to how polar coordinates work it makes it more likely that players will be spawning nearer the center of the circle but will still have spawns right up to the max radius. If it is set to false the player will spawn in a radius x 2 sized square centered on the world spawn point spread uniformly across the area. Added world borders + config, adjustable to circle or sqaure, resets player to last stored location whenever they leave the radius and tells them they reached the border
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    Would it be possible to have this set per world? i.e. Have an ultra-hardcore world that players could portal to, with the ultra-hardcore rules, and they are banned from once they die? The world could then be reset once the match is over.
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    Could you post a screenshot of the playerlist ig? Because I can't really imagine how the health would be displayed.
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    I noticed a bug in the latest release; if you eat food your hunger bar doesn't increase. I know you shouldn't heal from food consumption other than golden apples and glistening melons but your hunger bar should get filled on any food. Nevermind, I had the 'fake food bar' setting enabled. Disabling it returned normal action.
  18. I'm currently working on improving the config.yml and making the world borders configurable per world. I also have the force to difficulty 3 working so that you can force it to 3 only on certain worlds. As for setting it to be ultrahardcore only on certain worlds I'm fairly sure that'd be simple to do and I will do this. As for banning, this works via the server method though so I don't know how to make it world specific unless I implement a world switching feature which I can exclude 'dead' people from. Defiantly will have a look into it some time though.
    Thanks man, was just doing that myself :)


    Update v0.3.6 out 1.2.4 only! New features:

    World borders are now configurable per world
    Forcing hard difficulty is now confiurable per world
    Golden apple and glistering melon recipe adding/removal are now separate
    Kick message now configurable
    All the extras listed in the dev version in OP

    If you're updating from 0.3.5 or earlier you should delete your config.yml before using the plugin due to major changes in the file

    Update v0.3.7 out 1.2.4 only!
    New features
    Random first spawn now has a configurable minimum radius to spawn players
    Random first spawn now has a configurable center point instead of just world spawn
    Portal searching/creation radius now configurable
    First spawn, items can be given to the player from config file

    If you're updating from 0.3.5 or earlier you should delete your config.yml before using the plugin due to major changes in the file

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    Coolio. Some of the settings that go into making the ultra hard worlds don't seem to exist in world management plugins like Multiverse (no health restored from full hunger bar for one). Other things, like the recipes for golden apples and glistering melons could be adjusted with different plugins, but it would be nice if it was all wrapped up in a single place.

    I think banning players upon death is something that could be rolled into another plugin, or could be something where your plugin interacts with the other plugins such as Multiverse. Of course, I'm planning on using Multiverse, so that's the plugin I'd like to work first. :)
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    could you make it so that on the Tab health menu, it has the health of each player in hearts (like the player sees in the bottom left of the screen)? Also, on the Tab menu players with longer names have their names abrieviated; For example, DoctorJamie becomes DoctorJa - 10.
  21. It's impossible to do the hearts server side, it would require a modded client. The names being cut off in the playerlist is due to the fact there is a character limit on there, therefore long names get cut down to give extra space
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    I like that it's configurable from the plugin itself; I plan on writing a custom plugin to handle the death so that 'dead' players can still chat with 'live' ones.
  23. Update v0.4 out!
    New features:
    Team spawning from config, players joining for the first time will teleport to the first online player on their team
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    1st report bug:
    Cactus make 100 damage writes in chat for 0.5 damage

    1)Do you lose food when you hide food bar
    2) if 1) true then how can i make food consumeable
  25. Does it actually make like 100 chat messages a second like in the old versions or are you exaggerating? Make sure you use the latest version if it is lots per second. Yes you do lose hunger when you hide the food bar, its designed just to hide the food level from the client. Food is consumable if you dont set the fake level to 20. Anything less than that will allow them to eat food, if their food level is actually full they'll start the eat animation but never finish it by eating the food
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    for the cactuse make shure it work when you god mode.
    my health bar was 10 when i cant eat food
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    This plugin is just like SBK_x_SiiLeNcE's mod they use for the Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore series, which is just flat out awesome! I'm really glad you made this, nice work! :) The only thing I request is to have an option so that if somebody dies, when they respawn they are invisible, can fly and cannot interfere in any way such as not being able to place and break blocks or attack players and mobs so that way they can at least spectate the game once they're dead. It's basically just an alternative to the kick and ban concept.
  28. That's the plan

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