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    Limited Game

    BukkitDev Page

    Limited Game is a plugin made to help you run a server with a limited map (a hardcore-survival type server). It enables you to start and stop the game automatically and on command, as well as manage a player lobby and prevent players from leaving the edge of the map.

    • Automatically start and stop games based on the number of players
    • Manage a lobby and an map to play on
    • Teleport players who escape
    • Have players respawn in the set arena and in the lobby
    • Generate walls
    • Start/Stop/Pause games without losing the progress of players
    • Use /lg setlobby and /lg setarena to define your lobby and arena spawns
    • If you want the game to start automatically when enough players join, change the config
    • To prevent players from escaping the lobby or game area, use /lg lobbyzone and /lg arenazone.
      • Use each command twice while standing on the corners of your lobby and arena
    • Use /lg start and /lg stop to run the game
    • /lg updateplayers will save player data in a running game. Be sure to use this if your server crashes, or you will be reset to the last game stop
    • To generate bedrock walls, move the the center of your map and use /lg walls size, where size is the length of the sides.
    • limitedgame.set - Set up zones and spawns
    • - Start and stop the game, update player data
    • limitedgame.generate - Generate walls
    • limitedgame.movement - Able to move outside of the lobby and arena zones
    Source on github

    Version v0.2
    • First Release on

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