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    Current Version: 0.1.5
    Description Wheat fields keep growing when you're away from them.

    This plugin is no longer being support. Original source code can be found here: KeepGrowing
    See Distant Farm for a plugin which has some of the same features!

    Updated by Tomab for [1240]. 99% of this was not coded by me. I've only updated the code to function with [1240]. All credit goes to cootue for the plugin. Original post: KeepGrowing

    • Release source code.
    • Add support for trees, cacti and sugarcane.
    • Make wheat's TimeToGrow configurable in a config file.
    Version 0.1.5
    • Takes less time to grow.
    • Stores less data in memory.
    Version 0.1.4
    • Public release
    • Crops grow most of the time. (sometimes they don't grow at all)
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    Michael Murphy

    Thanks for updating this.
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    Looks good, can't wait for it to work with cacti, reeds, and trees :)
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    Though I'd love to work on getting the cacti, reeds, and trees to work, I'd like to figure out why it doesn't always work on wheat. I'm having a hard time reproducing the problem.
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    You could probably make furnaces finish smelting when the chunk is reloaded later. I think if you waited for at least one FurnaceBurnEvent and FurnaceSmeltEvent, you'd have all the information you need about what furnaces are still going and what they are producing.
  6. Personally I prefer to run plugins that have NO commands and work passively. The concept behind this plugin is great, once polished off and able to "maintain" the effects of time passage (on plant life of the overworld at least) despite the unloading of chunks I will definitely implement this on my server.
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    does this work with RB 1000?
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    I have not tested it. I am not aware of any changes in RB1000 that would affect this plugin. I'm gonna update this plugin next time I update the RB on my server (which is still running RB974). I usually get around to running the most recent Bukkit every time Minecraft itself updates.
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    Can someone try pick up this project, was a great addition and will like to use this once again.
    I hate that you have to be near your crops for them to grow :<
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    Seconded, I would love an update to this project :)
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    Sounds like a ticking timebomb for bigger servers, all servers with a rather big map actually hmm.
    Anyway, sounds good.
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    I agree and loved the original. But to be honest I'm not sure what to do with it. I would suggest grabbing the original source code from the original plugin located here.

    Theborg, what do you mean ticking timebomb? The implementation is designed for minimal impact. If this plugin worked as intended (fully worked) I can't imagine a huge impact on your server. I don't have any huge servers to test this on as my communities server is only 653MB. I've noticed negligible performance differences while running TKeepGrowing.

    What size server have you observed performance issues with?
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    As my understanding this had very little impact on the server performance, it just keeps the info on the planted crops and when someone populates the chunk/area it updates/grows the crops based from the time it was planted.

    Oh and since now water mellons and pumpkins are considerd crops now, does this mod work with it as well or just wheat?
    +When the mod loads it says no dav file to load but then the next line it is enabled?

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    Do you think you could add protection for walking on wheat too?
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    Will this cause nether wart to grow in the nether as well? Also, I'd like to know the answer for drakcore's question.
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    This is true. It was designed with performance in mind.
    It only works on wheat and until someone more skilled than myself picks up this project, or makes their own, wheat is all it will do.
    That is outside the scope of this plugin. This plugin is designed to make wheat grow while you are away.
    I suspect that has something to do with how the "planting time" data is stored. As this plugin works now, it is only stored when a player placed a seed (or is it wheat block). I assume the autoseeding plugin isn't planting the wheat the same way a player would do it. The proper planting time data is never stored. Perhaps you can grab the source from the original KeepGrowing plugin and fiddle with it? Aside from updating the references I haven't really done much to @cootue's original code.
    No. Just wheat.
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    Isnt there a plugin out there that keeps chunks loaded? as far as I know it simulates there being someone in proximity therfore everything that requires that fact runs (furnaces and growing) does anyone know what that plugin is? or could this plugin be arranged better with that in mind? also.. would this severely impact performance?
    thanks :)
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    The latest updated plugin I could find were ForeverALoud [CB 1337]. However, it's advised to not keep chunks loaded since they'll have an impact on the server.

    This plugin (and KeepGrowing) have been revitalized through Distant Farm. I'm currently in the works of adding more plant-types.
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    Thanks for the info! I will watch closely the development of your plugin.
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    What you describe would only be practical for very small servers. Just to be clear, this plugin does not keep chunks loaded.

    This is very exciting. I'm glad it's in the works! I look forward to seeing the source. If Distant Farm does what it says it does, there is no longer any need for this plugin. Thanks!

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