[MECH] Tiredman v0.8.1 [bukkit-1.4.7-R1.0]

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    TiredMan REBORN!
    Now in bukkitdev ready for 1.4.7​

    TiredMan.jar - TiredMan:
    Version: v 0.8.1


    After a big break I want to thank to w4rgo [developer of FireLord plugin] by join this project and do a complete clean of the code and fix it to work with new versions of bukkit!

    If you are tired of seeing players across oceans without using boats this is your plugin, a few seconds in deep water and see how your players lose their energy and convulsing trying to get to dry land to die in the attempt ... The next time they used a boat ;)

    And now the players are going to tire out of the water and have to eat to keep his life becouse they will lose his life little by little depending on his activity:
    The monitored activities are mining, building, jumping and walking, in descending order of fatigue produced.

    To install just unzip the tiredman.zip file into your plugin folder and configure (if you like) your tiredman.txt file into tiredman folder.

    Now with permissions plugin support! Ifpermission plugin is not installed only your ops players would use admin commands, info commands would be used by any user.
    Now walk over dir, grass, sand or gravel get you tired faster than walk over other block types!

    Basic commands:
    • "/tiredman" or "/tm": (tiredman.info) Shows config values of tiredman.
    • "/tiredman info": (tiredman.info) Shows your energy level.
    • "/tiredman excluded": (tiredman.admin) Shows users excluded from tiredman effects.
    Sample permissions config file:

            default: true
                prefix: '&f'
                suffix: '&7'
                build: false
                - 'general.spawn'
            default: false
                prefix: '&d'
                suffix: '&5'
                build: true
                - Invitados
                - 'tiredman.info'
                - 'myhome.home.*'
                - 'mywarp.warp.basic.warp'
                - 'mywarp.warp.basic.list'
            default: false
                prefix: '&c'
                suffix: '&4'
                build: true
                - Vips
                - 'bb.admin.*'
                - 'tiredman.admin'
    • Add energy to every player.
    • when you are in deep water (at least 2 blocks or more) the energy begins to decrease.
    • If you press the jump key to swim, your energy go down quickly.
    • if you let yourself sink to the bottom or walk your energy go down more slowly.
    • If you run out of energy began to lose life and convulse while trying to reach shore or a boat.
    • When you're not in deep water or die, your recover lost energy.
    • All warnings about energy level will be in the chat.
    • You can configure lenguage message in configure file.
    • You can set the amount of energy that every player has in configure file.
    • Add fatigue out of water
    • When you are enought tired you are going to loose your life little by little.
    • Highly configurable.
    • You can disable features in configure file.
    • Permissions plugin support.
    • Tiredman status and player status command added.
    • List of excluded players of tiredman effects.
    • If you don't want a xx% energy level message, just delete the text (Example "5=")
    • Now you get tired when you are out of water faster when walk over grass, dirt, sand or gravel, becouse is harder walk over sand than over stone or grass.

    Download Tiredman:

    Source Code
    Git-Hub -> Thanks to w4rgo
    Version 0.5
    • Fix several bugs.
    • Permissions now works
    • Now you get tired faster when walk over grass - dirt - sand - gravel.
    • Add a message at 20% energy level in water. Now you have a 80%, 60%, 40% and 20% alert.
    Version 0.4.1

    • Fix several bugs.
    • Permissions is not working :( only ops can execute /tiredman excluded
    • All players can execute /tiredman info and /tiredman.
    • Fixed default settings mistake!
    Version 0.4

    • Players drops their items when die by fatigue.
    • You are going to keep your energy level even you reconnect.
    • Added excluded players list.
    • Permissions plugin support added
    • Commands:
      • "/tiredman" or "/tm": Shows config values of tiredman.
      • "/tiredman info": Shows your energy level.
      • "/tiredman excluded": Shows users excluded from tiredman effects.
    Version 0.3

    • Possibility of disabling fatigue in and out of water.
    • More configuration possibilities, for example, choose if you can die or just stay at the minimum of life because of fatigue or select the rate at which you lose life when you are in water by fatigue.
    • You will feel tired out of the water too, losing life if you keep doing things like walking, jumping, mine or place blocks.
    • The fatigue produced by each activity will follow this sequence: minar - place blocks - jump - walking, being that mine produces more fatigue and less walking.
    • Messages about lost or recovered energy do not flood the chat, It has been reconfigured.
    Version 0.2

    • Now in zip file. That includes tiredman.jar file and tiredman folder, just unzip into your plugins folder to install (overwrite tiredman.jar if you are upgrading).
    • tiredman.txt configuration file.
    • Set default energy at configuration file.
    • "laguage_es.txt" and "language_en.txt" files with with translations of all messages from plugin.
    • 10% more convulsing.
    Version 0.1

    • Releasing my first bukkit plugin tiredman!
    ToDo list:

    • Fix loose your items when die by fatigue :(
    • Permissions support
    • Not allow reconnect to recover energy.
    • Recover energy when a player eats. UNNECESARY.
    • Now you have a default energy level message at 75%, 50% and 25%. I want to add a message every 10%. You always could disable what message you want not.
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    Off course! I'm bussy with my server :( Give me a few days and i release an update with new things like roads :p

    Your users are going to get tired faster when they walk thougth the world unless they walk over a road made of cobblestone or any material you set up in config.... different multiworld setup... and more.
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    TiredMan 0.5 out!!!!!!!!
    Works fine with the latest crafbukkit [556] and some news!

    Now with sourcecode available from Git-Hub!

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    I like the plugin, but is there anyway to make it have an icon with the % going up or down, or an energy bar?

    Just because it spams the chat, and hard to keep up with others if there talking, etc.
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    The video is outdated, Now you only have a few message, even you can disble some of them in language file.
    I think that you would need a client-side mod to draw any icon or a bar in the screen.
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    True ^^
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    Request: Make fatigue rate editable by the block type. I want to make certain blocks cost 0 fatigue, so roads are safe.
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    Ok, here you have how an activity get you tired and hungry:
    jump: +5
    walk over grass: +4
    walk over dirt: +6
    walk over sand or gravel: +8
    walk over other block type: +2
    mine: +15
    build: +8

    I was thinking about how to detect a road.
    Something like that in a config file:
    Stone | Cobbestone | Cobblestone | Stone || 0
    but I think it takes a lot of data processing.
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    Maybe just make cobblestone fatige to 0 ? and wooden planks for wooden paths to 1 ?
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    Would it be possible to add an option where you would slow down when your fatigued instead of losing health (or in addition to)? Kind of like your always walking on soul sand or possible even slower.
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    I'll try to do something like that. Thanks by the feedback.

    I'll try that the server admin can change the fatigue that every material produce.
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    Jonathan Bloom

    Not understanding out of water fatigue. How does it happen and how do you stop it?
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    When you do things, you get tired and you get hurt, then, you have to eat something to get your live back! You can't stop this, you will have to eat if you don't want to die (faster if you are doing some hard work)

    In a few hours I'll release a new version that works with recommended bukkit 602
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    Jonathan Bloom

    I'm getting this error.

    2011-03-31 08:12:40 [SEVERE] null loading tiredman v0.5 (Is it up to date?)
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    I have an update ready to release, but i think i'll wait for a 1.4 ready bukkit release to be sure it works with it.
  16. Please merge with gastronomic
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    and what about 1.5 ? :)
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    considered inactive
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    Any further work? :)

    I think plugin is great.
    It will be sad, if you drop your work.
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    thats just lol
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    Any further work?

    Great plugin..
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    not by the moment, I'm very busy with the spanish comunity and server in http://minecraft-esp.com but I would like to update it when i have time.
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    I could take this off your hands and update it for you, if you'd like.
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    WOW! I'm back with this plugin to use it in a secret project in my server.

    TiredMan REBORN!
    Now in bukkitdev ready for 1.4.7​

  25. I find a problem... when im using a boat also lose energy.
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    I will fix it when i get home. Thanks by report!
  27. Thx a lot :)

    Pd: I was for a few years in your server ;)
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    Drewel-cuerdas ir something like that? Hehehe come backkkkkk :)
  29. Yes it´s me :)
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