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    New maintaner! This project is now managed by @!Phoenix! and you will find all news and updates on the projects devbukkit page!

    Do you think a day needs to have 48 hours for all your work to do?
    You don't want to be interrupted by fading out light and torches don't do the job?
    But you also want to go on monster hunting in the night?
    TimeFold lets you fold the time the way you want!

    Everything below here is partly or completely outdated, so please visit the projects devbukkit page to be up to date, I'll just leave it here for documentary purposes.

    • Extend/lower the day and/or night to an amount of your choice, even 0
    • Multiworld support
    • Does not break redstone circuits or plant growing
    • CraftBukkitUpToDate support
    Planned Features:
    • Change the settings on the fly ingame
    • Possibility to set the day/night to an amout <1, e.g. 0.25
    • Check for using beds -in progress
    • Announcements on dawn/dusk/timefold -in progress
    • Dawn/dusk every x days
    • Voting
    • May be incompatible with Multiverse 2
    Function / How it works:
    The plugin cycles through the set amount of days and after that, through the nights.
    For the days, right before dusk, it will set the time back* to morning right after dawn, as long as all set days are gone, and then the same for the nights
    For example, if you set it to <worldname>:3:2 it will look like this:
    Day 1
    Day 2
    Day 3
    Night 1
    Night 2
    and then again from the beginning.
    *It does not really sets the time back into the past (that would break redstone and growing etc) but instead, it skips the night.

    Way A) Start the server once to let TimeFold create the settings file itself.
    Way B) Use the file provided in the ZIP-download.
    Way C) Create the directory and file yourself at plugins/TimeFold/TimeFold.settings
    Stop the server (or do a /reload later), customize the file to your needs. One line for every world like this:
    Worldnames are case insensitive.
    If you don't specify a world in the file, its day/night cycle will be untouched and run like normal.

    • /timefold - shows you the current day/night in the cycle
    • /timefold report - creates a textfile in the plugins/TimeFold/ directory with some information which may be helpful for me helping you
    • timefold <world> (server console) - same as /timefold
    ***outdated! See the devbukkit page for current versions and downloads!***
    Static JAR
    v0.5.beta1 1060: ZIP
    v0.4.2 953: JAR | ZIP
    v0.4 766: JAR | ZIP
    v0.3 740: JAR | ZIP
    Source: GitHub
    All downloads are also available at github.

    v0.4.2 02.07.11 b754/cb953
    • Added /timefold report command
    • Fixed TimeFold calling from server console
    • Fixed something which could cause an OutOfMemoryError
    • general code reworking
    v0.4 19.05.11 b681/cb766
    • Fixed: creating settings file on startup
    • Fixed: crash on non-existent world
    • reworked ActionListener, now allows 0 as a value for day or night
    • general code cleanup
    older changes (open)

    v0.3 12.05.11 b669/cb740
    • initial public release
    • removed debug code
    • reworked FileHandler and ActionListener using HashMaps instead of Arrays
    • first git versioned version

    Inspired by the discontinued Extendday I wrote this for my server because we did not want to have day OR night as the other plugins do. And made it public because I wanted to give something back to this great community!
    As this is my first bukkit plugin and my first project in java since a while (over a year) and I'm not a native english speaker (I'm german), please, be clement, thank you :)
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    Good plugin. Very easy to configurate. :)
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    changelog has to show last 2 version without a spoiler
    only use version ranges (740-766) when really needed, this is not needed for 740-766
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    @Plague: Updated.
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    this is what i meant (edited)
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    Okey, thank you!
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    Great plugin, extremely useful. Thanks for making this.

    But what are the time units in the config?
    10 minutes? 10 hours?

    How long is 1??
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    How long is 1?
    or is it set up so that 10:1 means that there is 10 days with 1/10 of a night for each?
    clarification would be nice ^^
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    Nice, me try when I get back home.
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    I think I got it :

    When you set :


    You'll have 10 days then 1 night, then 1à days, then 1 night, etc...
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    So the '1' is half the length of a normal day/night cycle? The time from Dawn to Dusk, basically? Or is it a Dawn to Dawn period?

    Is each '1' a 24 hour period, or a 12 hour period, in in-game time??
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    Oh, I'm sorry that I didn't stated this clearly. I will update my post instantly after writing this message.
    The unit is day/night, so when you set it to 10:1 it will cycle ten days and then one night.
    Night includes dawn and dusk and day is only the time when its already completely bright.

    Updated the opening post for understandability. Sorry for the misunderstandings.

    Any hints, requests, reports, ... are welcome! :)

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    Is there any effect to modifying the day/night cycle in Nether worlds? (In the vanilla game -- I'm not using any plugins that depend on the time of day.)
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    Dr Danco

    love it! just what i needed.
    i should mention tho, it wouldnt work at all when I used the nether in the settings code, but getting rid of that made it work.
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    Well, I just used nether for example. I don't know how much effect it has for Nether/Hellworld type worlds. You aren't even able to see the sun/moon because of the closed cave the nether is. I will check this.

    Well, as I said in the opening post, if there is a world in the file, which does not run on your server, it will/may crash. So, you will have to create a world called nether first, before you can use it in the file. Use a plugin like MultiVerse for that. It has a command to show you which worlds are currently run on your server.
    Nonetheless, I will fix the issue, so you can enter any worlds and it will just ignore the unknown ones.
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    To do no night, I'm not sure what is proper, but this worked for me

    I wish I could just set night to 0, but it still would change to night and say "night 1 of 0" when I did /timefold.
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    Thats a construct I didn't even thought of while programming. I will add a possibility to set it to no days/nights.
  18. I cant get this to work on build 786. /timefold properly report back my 2 days of daytime but its either stuck on day 1 or day 2 and will always cycle into night after only 1 day. No error messages.
    Config file has a simple world:2:1 setting.
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    would placing decimals into the file work, for example:

    i would try it myself but i have had a run of bad luck playing with config settings
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    I will test it on that build, I don't know what has changed since 766 (if any relevant).

    Currently, it does not. But I add it to the todo list.
  21. Wouldnt it be possible to have a system where you specify day and night time in minutes? And then just slow down (or speed up) sun/moon to suit time scale? .. maby Craftbukkit wont allow such meddling tho..
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    As far as I know, its possible, but it might mess other things up and can cause ugly "discolight"-effects while dusk/dawn. Thats what I've read out of the RealTime thread and some others. So, I currently don't plan to add this, as long there is no good way to slow down/speed up the time.
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    Can you do <worldname>:1:0 or something for no night? I want no night for my build world.

    I downloading to check
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    Currently, it is not possible, but I'm working on it. Maybe this evening (CEST) or tomorrow.
    Values lower than 1, like 0.5, will be also possible in the future, but maybe not in the next version.

    In the next version, the two bugs/issues stated in the opening post are fixed, by the way.
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    Ok in the mean time ill just set it 99999:1
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    Updated to version 0.4, see first post.
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    Thanks for this. Extended day is still working for us but Im switching to this since this is active.

    I'm using a 10:2 cycle but it seems if you use a bed to skip night then you will only get 1day and night before the plugin takes effect again.

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    Any way of modifying the time might cause some unwanted effects. If you go to bed in the first night of two, the server skips the night till morning and my plugin will miss the dawn so my plugin "thinks" you're still in the night, but you experience one day and the time goes by till the next dawn where it thinks it skips from night one to two.
    I might add a check for players using beds, but that could lead to other strange effects when you are using a plugin which allows using beds at day for example.

    Edit: Also, tested TimeFold with (craftbukkit) #798, works. If someone wants to, I can make a version which is build against it explicitly.
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    Tested with CB #803, no issues found so far, as expected :)

    Maybe I can finish the next part till thursday, so values lower than 1 will be possible, but I can't promise. I'm mostly away after friday for three weeks, so no much development in this time, but I will periodically look into this forums and try to provide updates if a new RB breaks something.
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    Thanks again for the plugin. It works great!
    A suggestion. I already ask for this in the Plugin Requests forum, but I think it is to simple for a new single plugin.
    What about an serverwide announcement like "Time to sleep, go to bed!" when the night falls? Maybe you like it and implement this in one of your future builds.

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