Inactive [MECH] TeslaCoil v2.6.2 - Keep mobs at bay - the futuristic way! [CB 1.4.5-R0.2]

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    TeslaCoil - Tesla Coil mob control:
    Version: v2.6.2

    Usage: the player must construct a tower of no less than 3 iron(configurable) blocks, and connect this directly to a redstone current. While the current is active, all mobs within a radius proportionate to the height of the coil (3 blocks high = 3 block radius), above or below ground, will be fried. The towers ping every second, so mobs chasing you will quickly regret it

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    HOLY... whoa, that's amazing!!
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    I've also had the problem where it stops working.
    Had to turn them off then back on (redstone torch) to get them working again.
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    For Ceral

    With a plugin to instantly flip all levers on the map, this could be immensely useful.
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    Dont work for me:
    2011-07-27 03:05:15 [INFO] [TeslaCoil] version 1.4 by [Darklust] Loaded; performance boosted by GOAE
    2011-07-27 03:05:15 [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling TeslaCoil v1.4 (Is it up to date?): null
     at net.louderthanthunder.darklust.TeslaCoil.DarkInit.writeConfig(
     at net.louderthanthunder.darklust.TeslaCoil.TeslaCoil.onEnable(
     at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(
     at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(
     at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.enablePlugins(
     at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.e(
     at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(
     at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(
    Help, please.
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    Only thing I can think of is that it's interfering with another plugin.
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    I too had that issue. I used Redstone Chips to create a wireless link between all of my tesla towers. Now when they seem to stop working I power cycle them from my home :). But a permanent fix would be awesome.
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    ALRIGHT. So I've clearly held this off for too long, life was hectic blablabla. I've uploaded the base plugin to which I will apply the sign functionality. This will only take a day to do. 2.0a is up and it's going to hit EVERYTHING so i'd run after you turn a tesla on xD. Moreover, the config file/coil data files are now completely YML based which makes them prettier and makes my code smaller. I recommend deleting the existing TeslaCoil folder.
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    Idea: what if you could add this, you can set a diamond block or other block as a lightning block. when a griefer comes he brakes the block and gets fried :p might be cool. just sayin
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    im having issues trying to configure this not to attack the players. in the config file thier is no line to choose what mobs...i seen this posted around
    targetmonsters= creeper, spider, skeleton, zombie, animals

    i notice the : is a = and the mob names are not capped. ive tried many combinations and it either works by attacking all or does not work
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    Aaraon Thomas

    Same problem here. I loved the ideia of the plugin, but i can't use it!!
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    Oh finaly saw this i decided to download when the coils just want to be evil?
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    Aaraon Thomas

    well ... I only have the option to remove the plugin until it is again customizable. (I hope they back, seriously) the idea was fun ... until now.
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    He said it all... this new version is a test release and will hit EVERYTHING :D use the 1.4, improved version until a day or two when the final versions of 2.0 come out.
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    i dont got 1.4 and dont see a link for it
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    One small question, I'm a real noob at this.

    All other plugins I've downloaded were '.jar' archives that you just put in the 'plugins' folder.
    What do I do with this '.zip' folder?

    It has a 'meta-inf' in it and i normaly see those inside '.jar' archives.
    Do I just unzip it then archive it?

    And what about the config, can't find that in the downlowded '.zip'
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    That's an Internet Explorer issue. It renames the .jars to .zips sometimes when you download it. Don't know why. It's stupid.
    Just rename the .zip back to a .jar and it will work.
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    ok thanks.
    what about the config bit though, will it automaticly create a config file or will i have to make one?
    and if i have to make one what co i call it/what file extention.
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    Bumping this post for those of us that have yet to download 1.4 so we can at least try this pluging till the author refines it so we can again edit what gets targeted

    so after much frustration i cant even get the 1.4 to work right. just attacks all or does not work at all

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    I haven't tried this version of the plugin yet but I am pretty sure it would automatically generate the config file in the plugins/teslacoil folder.
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    "The towers ping every second, so mobs chasing you will quickly regret it"
    I quickly regret it too, since targetplayer= was removed. I cant get close to it, I finally had to put in Essentials to God my way in, and destroy the Redstone. XD
    And I have no clue how to run permissions. is that gonna mean its permissions dependant? or can there be a non permissions users version of this ?
    Just wondering.
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    2.0a is useless so far, we need a version working on RB 1000 where you can disable or filter player-strikes.
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    I hate to say it's useless since it is my favourite server plugin, and still takes out mobs...But realistically, until a way to have it not hit players is added into the config again, I can't use it on my server anymore, and 1.4 simply won't work. I had to shut down the server and take out the mod after about two minutes.
    Having said that, it is a great plug in, and I will put it back on my server at a moment's notice once configurable targeting is added again.
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    @darklust why does the tesla try to kill arrows?
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    That's a new one... I suppose it's because arrows are technicallys considered an "entity" in Minecraft, at least that would be my guess. Darklust would probably be able to give you a better answer.
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    nvm darklust solved it for me and yes they count as entity
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    Good to hear. Wow, that was a total guess
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    not really since .yml is supported by most control panels to edit and .config wasnt and he also did 2.0 to show he didnt abbandon the plugin
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    So where to get an RB1000-compatible version with the functionality to disable player strikes? There's none?
    So it IS useless for now.
    Don't get me wrong, I loved this plugin in earlier versions, and am just awaiting an updated, working one.
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    the latest one he put us is RB 1000 compatible he is still working on a permissions system for non striking since he though a sign based permissions system wouldnt be enough
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    Anyone tested it with 1060?

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