Inactive [MECH] TeslaCoil v2.6.2 - Keep mobs at bay - the futuristic way! [CB 1.4.5-R0.2]

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    TeslaCoil - Tesla Coil mob control:
    Version: v2.6.2

    Usage: the player must construct a tower of no less than 3 iron(configurable) blocks, and connect this directly to a redstone current. While the current is active, all mobs within a radius proportionate to the height of the coil (3 blocks high = 3 block radius), above or below ground, will be fried. The towers ping every second, so mobs chasing you will quickly regret it

    Moved to BukkitDev:
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    tha d0ctor


    also maybe make this so it attacks any entity except someone who is grounded (not holding glass?)
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    Thanks :] But great idea, will work on implementing this with the configuration file.
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    tha d0ctor

    a whole new world of anti-grief measures just opened up ;)

    edit also could you put in a way to change the ping frequency please, I imagine the more you have the more stress it will put on the server especially if pinging so frequently
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    Wow! This is great! Just added it ^_^
    On a side note, is there anyway for it to zap certain groups in permissions? Like not zap admins, but zap guests? >:D
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    Also it goes into an infinite lighning loop when a pig is hit, creating a zombie pigman which in turn triggers lightnings which don't kill them.
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    Works like a charm and damn!

    Will look out for this one when it can be restricted - I don't need 20 of these scattered across 4 chunks. :D
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    Fixed this in 1.2 update, until I implement configurable mob targets.
    :D New update v.1.2 adds a configuration for radius and ping time.
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    This looks pro. Bookmarked.
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    tha d0ctor

    wow that was the fastest update ever..., are permissions supported by the way or is this op only?
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    The configuration file can only be accessed by the server owner, but aside from that any user can build a coil.
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    Nice man... I was working on fixing it myself but you are a fast SOB!


    Well this sucks... now it just spawns PigZombies instead of killing the pigs..

    and in areas with high Pig spawnrates this becomes a serious problem.
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    Sounds nice, Going to test it on my server in abit.
    Small suggestion tho, It would be nice if we could configure the material used to make the tower, Or combination maybe. Besides that, This is still an awesome plugin :)
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    I don't understand, pigs are killed by the coil.
    Might do that after I've set mobs in the configuration.
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    Pigs are not killed by the coil... they are struck by lightning... which turns them into PigZombies
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    Yes, I suppose the best way to fix that is to have an option to ignore pigs (or animals in general)
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    That would still not be a viable option because even if a pig is just close enough to a lightningstrike it will turn into a zombie. so a spider might trigger a strike, get killed and have bystanding pigs turned into zombies. i don't even know why notch added that kind of spawning. to me its just an annoyance with every plugin that uses lightning.
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    Solution? PIG ZOMBIE KILLING LIGHTNING. v1.2.1 up, does just that, but can't do anything about the client-side pig zombies.
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    Is there a way for you add a config to change the radius based on the height of the tower?

    i.e. 3 iron blocks = radius 3, 4 iron = radius 4... etc.
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    *waits for any accounting of his past comment*
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    I'll add it to my agenda.
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    Mobs killed on sand turn the sand to glass in a small radius? Might be too check intensive for a cheesy effect, tho.
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    Love it. Version 1.2.2 incorporates this.
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    you should make it more configuradable.
    It would be nice if you could place a sign on the top witch controlls witch Players or Groups will be attacked.
    It would also be cool if you could disable that the coil will hit mob like pigs, cows and chickens.
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    @darklust how about adding a option to strike players in config
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    also how about adding an option to disable the sand->glass thing?
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    I love this plugin. Thanks for making it!
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    I love the plugin but...

    My pig zombies wont die. Please just get rid of those.
    Also the sand into glass thing is just.. idk I have plugins that stops lightning dmg and there is glass all over the beach outside my house.

    So my recommendation is to remove the pig zombies and the glass thing. Then everything would be perfect :) also maybe a damage multiplier for the strikes? Or could that be made with another plugin perhaps?

    EDIT: Ohh and maybe add so you can make the strikes like every 1.5 sec or 0.5sec doesn't work with decimals.

    - TewDIE
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    Version 1.2.3 has sand to glass function toggleable.
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    love this

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