[MECH] Superheat v1.5 - An on-the-go furnace! [953]

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    Superheat v1.5 [953]

    Original plugin by @Samkio Original thread here.
    I have taken over the support of this plugin as he is too busy with other plugins / things.


    What the mod does:
    This mod makes the gold tools superheated. It is effectively making gold tools walking furnaces. When you mine for instance iron ore with a gold pickaxe it will give you a gold ingot. See below for all the conversions.

    Uses permissions (but not required).
    Permissions node: superheat.sh

    Download from GitHub.
    Download from Mirror (Dropbox) - Thanks to @RugRats for this!
    Source Code:

    • Toggle the use via /superheat or /sh commands.
    • Gold Pickaxe allows players to heat items when mined.
    1. Stone > Stone
    2. Cobble Stone > Stone
    3. Gold Ore > Gold Ingot
    4. Iron Ore > Iron Ingot
    • Gold Shovel allows players to heat items when dug with a Shovel.
    1. Sand > Glass
    2. Clay > Bricks
    • Gold Axe allows players to heat items when chopped with an Axe.
    1. Log > Charcoal
    Future updates:
    • Fire sword - giving you grilled pork/setting mob alight.
    Change log:
    • Updated for CB 953
    • Updated to CB 935
    • Added '.dropItemNaturally' to prevent the superheated block drops flying away from where the player was supposed to obtain them.
    • Updated to CB 928
    • Fixed two nasty glitches regarding tool duplication and smelting items with your fist :p
    • Updated to CB 860
    • Updated to CB 766
    • Updated to CB 740.
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    I highly endorse this plugin, game and/or event.
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    Nice, now can you please make golden pickaxes mine iron ores and gold ore decently please?
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    Does this no longer have the bug of infinite golden items?
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    Heh, when I saw that I thought it was the name of a shell script.
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    changelog has to be at the end
    and please update to latest recommended CB
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    Updated to latest recommended CB + moved change log. :)
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    One of my users seems to be having a problem with after the shovel is used up, it gives him another. Do you know what could be causing that?
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    I'll take a look.
    + Updated to CBRB 798.
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    Dupes gold items when they are broken.
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    Is there a way to make this a percentage? Like 20% of the time the tree turns to charcoal?
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    It's done this from the start, no idea why but I've compared the source on this to a couple of other 'change item drops' mods and the best I can tell is that the event.cancel message being sent to prevent both (for example) an iron bar and iron being dropped is also cancelling the 'delete worn-out tool' event.
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    Figured it out; it's not necessary to event.setCancelled(true) after each drop, if you do so then your tools are duped.
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    has this fix been implemented yet?
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    I decompiled this plugin and fixed it for myself; I also made gold boots negate fall damage, gold swords light mobs/players on fire, and diamond shovels on dirt scoop sod. Would you like a copy? I can drop the sword and boot part for you if you would like.
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    if you could drops the boots and sword that would be awesome i would very much like a copy :) thx
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    Can you make grass drop grass with it also! Can you make it drop more naturally instead of just appear there? Also, you may need to fix this. I can use my fist to super heat sand and clay.
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    We are now at V1.4 :)

    • Fixed a nasty glitch where items would duplicate.
    • Fixed an even nastier glitch where you could get superheated items when using your fist.
    To come:

    • Obtaining grilled pork from pigs when using a gold sword.
    Stay tuned! :)

    Fixed both of these issues :)

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    Thank you. But really could you do something about the way it drops? It just appears there it doesn't like fly out like normal :p
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    Huh? I thought it did drop natrually :p
    I'll see what I can do about it xD
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    Thank you! But sadly no it doesn't :/
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    Hm, I just tested it on my server, once with SH disabled, and once with SH enabled.

    Didn't really see a difference between the two items dropping.

    Maybe you're standing too close to the block for it to drop properly? :p
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    Also it takes about 45sec-1 minute to mine iron, gold with a golden pickaxe? Would you ever look into making that like 30 seconds :D?

    I think it's a plugin called "CustomDrops" that is making it that way. But I'll check it out to see if I was to close

    @Torrent download link doesn't work ;o But don't worry I went on your profile and got it :D

    I looked at it and it seems like when you superheat on and you have a golden shovel and your excavating sand the glass just appears there sometimes or flies up onto the next block and sometimes just comes out normally lol.

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    I don't know why it would do this; it's grabbing the event of the block breaking, taking it's exact location, then dropping the correct block at that location. Maybe it would be worth looking into the customdrops code to see how they do it?
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    404 error - This is not the site you were looking for. (crazy obi-won looking character waving his hand)

    Is this normal?
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    I'll make a mirror :D Nope that isn't normal
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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    Np :D
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    Well it's also setting the original block drop to air, so it might be conflicting that way. E.g when I hit sand with a golden shovel, the sand gets set to air and the glass drops.

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    Aha, maybe just changing the order of execution may fix this? I'll test that.

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