[MECH] SSD V 2.0 Get smooth stone instead of cobble [1240]

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    SSD - Break smooth stone and get a smooth stone block instead of cobble!
    Version: 2.0

    Newest Version: 2.0 (MC 1.8.1)

    To use SSD you need a pickaxe (any kind will work). Then you need to break smooth stone with super pick turned OFF or it will just give you cobble. When you break the smooth stone and you get smooth stone back instead of cobble!

    Special Features:
    I am working on some (see "Planned" for list)!

    -Enable and Disable
    -More Commands!

    -Does not work with Superpick :(

    Before you write a bug report read this: How to write a bug report

    Version 2.0:
    -Made it so that you NEED a Gold Pick to get Smooth Stone. I will take this away when I get the enable and disable to work.

    Version 1.0:
    -Inital Release!

    Did I forget anything? This is the first plugin I released on bukkit so I might of forgotten a few things.

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    Looks good. May try later.
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    i am moving this to BukkitDev! But there is no color there :(
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    Needs - between name and slogan in the header title, also how would one craft furnaces? I made a plugin like this (with configurable odds of it dropping smooth stone, or wise drops cobblestone), so if you're interested in the source just PM me.
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    Well i was gonna add that but that would be nice for some help :D (i didnt really get how to do it) and i mainly made this for creative when most can spawn or theres a place you get resources (because when you r building with smooth stone its kinda annoying to get cobble back) But ill PM you! Thanks :D
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    Ice Is it possible to make this compatible with Mcmmo...I can see Mapa and M3 using this on our server if u can get that to work
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    ill try. Then again they have the Fire Tools plugin
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    Yeah Sloan......we already have this but a LOT more advanced lmao :p nice try ice but still a fail :p
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    No need to be mean man D:
    I assume this is his first plugin anyways, which for a first, isn't that bad :3
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    so.. is this moved to bukkitdev?
    also the image cannot be loaded
  11. Wait what? How would players get cobble stone if all the stone turns in to smooth stone? :p
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    please update to latest recommended if you want to release sthis
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    ok so im gonna just release a 1.8 plugin today or tomorrow then add config and all that fun stuff (promise I will add the enable and disable or you need a gold pick to get smooth stone) probably after i finish that PVP plugin

    Edit: and why wont the image load? it was a good pic :p
    Edit2: Uploaded the new jar!! Works with 1.8.1 now!
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    Soo I Kinda broke the plugin... it dosent even work now ill try to fix it when i get home... i guess you still need that gold pick lol


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    Please upgrade to latest RB
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    Moved into inactive, due to no reply for 3 days.
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    I'll help you develop this if you want... :) if you go back to it.
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    well people didnt really like this so i gave up on and am making a more complex one (SIlkTouch+) with all the features that notch is giving us and more

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