[MECH/SPOUT] Chainmail - new chain item to craft chainmail [SP644/CB1597]

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    Chainmail - chains & craftable chainmail

    This plugin is a port of matty79321's Craftable Chainmail mod. Chain image belongs to him.

    Version: 1.0

    Description: Craft chains with this plugin, and in turn use those chains to craft chainmail. To create some chains, use this recipe:
    ABA        A=empty
    BAB        B=iron ingot
    ABA        This will produce 8 chains.
    * v1.0: Plugin released.

    Download: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Source: Will be up soon!
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    Does it need Spout ?
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    Spout's in the title, so I'd assume so. ;)
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    Sorry I didn't saw it xD
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    Le PHeel

    I can't get the chains to show up in the GUI, like the recipe isn't working. I get no errors in the console. Running CB 1.0.1 and latest Spout/Spoutcraft
    Apparently if you get your ingots using SPITEMS you can't craft with them. Otherwise this works fine. Great work!
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    You'll need to change your post to fit with the guidelines stickied on this forum for it to be move to releases.

    A few things off the top of the head, the supported version tag should only be CB, and should be in the format of the title so [1.0.1-R1]
    You are welcome to have a spout version tag before it, though.
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    Make a floating drop icon for it, when my users drop the chains, it comes up as the item icon png.
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    that's a Spout bug, and is being worked on.

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